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Joe Dolan placed this ad in 1968 offering a reward for information on rumours about him

We are always looking for new talents and we were expecting you. Time to apply, buddy! Search for: Recent Posts. What do the bestsellers book covers have in common? Cover Reveal for George R. Within days, I started here as the pastoral associate. When we arrived, the parish was sparse. Young adults in the neighborhood weren't attending, we saw very few families with kids and the LGBT community was not present. Bishop John was eager to get the LGBTQ ministry, young adult ministry and an active religious education program started and that's what we did. We met with many in the surrounding community and began to reach out to those in the neighborhood.

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  5. Exiting gay pastoral associate pledges continued LGBTQ work.
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  7. Just after being at St. John's approximately nine months, Bishop John got the call that he was being named auxiliary bishop of San Diego.

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    Before he left St. John's, he entrusted the everyday running of the parish to me. We started to plan our first event, which was our Always Our Children Mass. That's when the hatred began. It started with letters left on my car attacking me and threatening me if I stayed here.

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    The incidents escalated turned into death threats and slashing the tires on my car. I was hoping the hate would stop and those who spew this hate would leave St. John's and allow us to continue to reach out and welcome all in the community.

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    With help from other dedicated parishioners, we built up a wonderful young adult group, had our largest RCIA class in years and developed a wonderful faith formation for children and adults. The pews started to fill up again. We should be very proud of the work and ministry we have begun here at St. About two months ago, those who spew this hate decided to come after me, and this time they would stop at nothing. Then these so-called "Catholic" groups decided to put pictures of my family, including my deceased mother, online and give out my home address.

    This was the point where I needed to step back and come to the conclusion that my life and those of my family are more important than any job, and so I met with Bishop McElroy on Wednesday and submitted my resignation. As always, he supported me and the ministry here at St. He didn't want to see me leave but understood that my well-being was of the utmost importance. To those of you here and those of you who will hear what I say. Your hate and complete disregard for the Gospel message will not stop me. I will continue to promote a church that welcomes all of God's children.

    You will never stop the Holy Spirit from moving through her people. To all of you here to support this ministry and myself, I am forever grateful. Your love and support in the past year and the past few days have sustained me and made me realize that the church and the community in general are made up of good and welcoming people. Please keep my family and myself in your prayers. I now will look at the horizon and see where the loving God I know is leading me.

    This I know; I will never stop speaking for an inclusive church. May God bless and hold each and every one of you! Send your thoughts and reactions to Letters to the Editor. Learn more here.