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Last month, Mr. Gross was sentenced to 15 years. But most online social networks for gay men are geared toward adults and focused on sex. They have failed to protect minors, who simply have to subtract a few years from their birth date to create a profile. Sixty-nine percent of them have had sex with someone they met through these apps. Only 25 percent use condoms consistently. So they go online. Though they may be looking for friends or boyfriends, they mostly find sex. A minor can make a profile within minutes and instantly start chatting with adult men who live nearby.

Teenagers are still developing their abilities to delay gratification and control their impulses. Should apps like Grindr be held accountable when minors use them? Elizabeth Englander, a psychologist and expert on the digital lives of minors, thinks yes: But it could certainly do more to try to verify ages. Some gambling sites, for instance, make users upload a credit card or ID to prove their age. Grindr could also use algorithms to detect conversations between minors and adults.

Age verification through social media is hardly foolproof, since minors can lie about their age on Facebook, too. In , a man who had been arrested for having sex with a year-old boy sued Grindr , claiming that its weak enforcement of age restrictions was to blame for the sexual encounter. The key is to build trust and really care about him as a person. If he decides not to date and is just down to hookup every once in a while give him what he asks for. Don't get weird and start stalking him.

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Just let him come to you. Age is just a number. I just hooked up with a boy 2 nights ago.

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But was partying on meth and couldn't get an erection. It was kind of embarrassing, but I taught him how to use an enema, and kissed him and fingerbanged him and he slept in my arms tightly all night then got up in the morning and went to school. Not b4 giving me a blow job before he left. At first it seemed like he wanted a relationship, then I heard from his friend that he was only down to hook up sometimes. I understand that the age difference doesnt set well with some of this kid's friends.

And that the stigma can be quite too much for a young boy his age. The best thing you can do is back off until they come to you, and if they don't at least you have the memory of that or those special times and are more practised for the next time. I have always been honest about my age, in my 60s, and really made it clear I was NOT a sugar daddy.

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I have had some that led me on and when they asked for clothes or money, I promptly dropped them. I am in shape and still have most of my hair. I always make it clear that I am into guys around my age and really 40s is as low as I would go. When I see these May -Sept couples, I always get the idea that money is at the core of that. I just like men that I can relate to and build a relationship. It is not just about getting sex.

Perhaps I am a small minority.

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Same way young women hook up with older hetero guys. How do younger gay guys hook up with much older gays? For that matter, how do younger straight guys hook up with much older straight women or older straight guys hook up with much younger straight women? One example is Cher, who is in her 70s, dating guys in their 20s.

There's a website called Silverdaddies. It's for men interested in older men looking for partners. You would go there, or to a similar website. If you don't want to use the Internet, then just visit a bathhouse. Sign In. How do older gay guys hook up with much younger gays? Update Cancel.

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Answer Wiki. Most youth seek other youth. I have the impression that most? However, the reality is that most people age with things sagging or expanding in places, and hair falling out or turning grey. One is less physically attractive with age in general.

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Would an older gay guy ever date a younger guy? Do gay men like younger guys?

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Where can I meet older gay men? Quora User , Self proclaimed advocate for sexual freedom and liberation.

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Answered Feb 7, Related Questions How do older gay men meet up? Do gay guys who do really like older gays exist like 10 year age gap? Where can older gay men meet younger gay men in Australia? How can I meet gay guys?

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Where can I find older gay guys in NYC? Is it possible for a straight guy to have sex with a gay guy? Is it true younger gay men ignored older men at certain gay gatherings? Do gay guys love straight guys?