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They really loved it there and this is what they said:.

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How to get there: Negotiate with a taxi from Havana to Mi Cayito. It costs 10CUC, one-way. Another way to go there is by taking the red sightseeing bus from Parque Central. Take the bus there are two that goes to the hotels outside the city. Tell the driver to drop you off at the nearest hotel for Mi Cayito beach.

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From there, the gay beach can be reached on foot from minutes, depends on how to strut. Make sure to check the time when the last bus returns to Havana. Use the same bus ticket. If you think Havana is cheap — think again. Businesses and hotels suck big time from tourists. Forget it! Many of them are more expensive than a hostel in Toronto or Chicago. If you can afford a hotel, book HERE.

Was in Mi Cayito beach last year and I loved it there, too!

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Ah, that experience still puts a smile on my face! Name Required.

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Colonization of the Cuban Body: The Growth of Male Sex Work in Havana | NACLA

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Cuba, Part II: Gay-rilla

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Related Posts: Gay-Owned Guesthouse: June 5, at June 6, at June 6, at 3: June 6, at 4: May 24, at 3: May 25, at 3: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Sign up for the Newsletter Email address: As the stories of Triana and Bermudez show, poverty is one of the factors driving young men as well as women to become sex workers. One young man who gave his name as Roco said that initially, he became a pinguero because he needed the money, but he has carried on so that he can afford to take girlfriends out.

Psychologist Pavel O. This article first appeared on IWPR's website. For some young men, the sex trade offers an income unavailable in the rest of the cash-strapped economy. Alexander Robles. Some pingueros have come out as homosexual, while others insist they are heterosexual. She says she has never seen so many adolescent sex workers as there are now. Tweet Widget Facebook Like. Speaking Out: Women Plant Trees for Peace.

Colonization of the Cuban Body: The Growth of Male Sex Work in Havana

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Cuba, Part II: Gay-rilla

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