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It was time for the ardent lovers to return to their Plaza Hotel suites where their stories would continue in the privacy of the boudoir. Eventually, one thing lead to another and the atmosphere dimmed to nothing more than heated, urgent breath. Home Company Cowboys Placeholder. Click here for Employment Texas Male Companions Business Trip in the Fort Lauderdale Male View All Blog Entries. I thought the very same thing myself, in playing devil's advocate What I'm going to say is going to sound asinine, and [R26] is going to jump to my neck, but once you follow that line of work, your choices in life do follow somewhat of a manual This guy can give no references in the gayosphere, but absolutely none Not necessarily, R There are people who are actors or models -- and thus "on" and exposed -- but who are otherwise introverted in their personal interactions with other people.

In at least that there's entertainment value to this thread, but here you have a few queens ripping me a new one Someone stroking a hard erection for Playgirl being "shy" That's just a different league Mary, seriously You're going to tell me you wouldn't hit that!!!???

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Lesson learned Next time I need to question the sexuality of a trafficstopper who - by a fluke of nature - swears he's gay but is not known by anyone, anyone, anyone in the gayosphere and who has no, no, no gay friends whatsoever, I will take my suspicions elsewhere other than DL Sorry, OP, but you sound kind of crazy. That, or you're someone on Team Trevor, here to make sure we see him and his penis.

And no, I'm not part of Team Trevor There is between me and him, however, only one degree of separation I know the slimy New York photographer who controls muscleartstudio. I don't ask him because I'm sure that he won't only say that he's totally gay, but that he's slept with him and bred him and that Trevor is in love with his disgusting ugly acne-riddled face That guy is a bullshit machine It's safer to ask DL which is like playing with a gay Ouija board Summon the gay from yonder Publicly he'll say he's gay, but I have a theory that that is a bullshit ploy to get a small fraction of the gay community to feed him and pay his rent In other words, I'm here "outing him as straight" I've elucidated my reasons throughout this post, to some vitriol against my person If he really cared about milking the gay community he would be more active and vocal in the stereotypical gay scene, and also probably hire a publicist so his name would be out there more.

If he patronizes the photographer who controls muscleartstudio.

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Also, successful models - like, for example, bisexual Thierry Pepin - do not need to use ModelMayhem either He's a mingler with the stereotypical gay community on social networks, partly satisfying your premise But there's no evidence whatsoever that he socializes with gays in his private time-off Much less with the hot "it" fags who would not mind getting into his pants When I wrote this post, I knew I was swimming undertow, and that us gays depart from the premise that everyone is or should be gay, so the notion or calling a straight guy's bullshit in labeling himself gay or "outing" him as straight is anathema But this is how I think I've given my reasons I know quite a few glam and fab gays Guy has never been seen or heard ever other than on mags, hands on his big peen, saying "I'm gay, I'm gay" In other words if most of us are just looking at him, it doesn't matter.

It's a moot point. Most of the time it's the other way around. Take him at his word. Actually, he would get farther if he were publicly straight. There are more important things But this is Datalounge! Next time someone talks to you about the Kardashians, tell them the same thing, then take a picture of their puzzled reaction with your iPhone. Message is: Call us when he starts making homophobic remarks.

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  6. You lost me To what part of what I said are you saying "I do"? Did I propose to you, gurl? Are we engaged? Kardashians and other shit like that, should I for some strange reason be forced to be on a thread about them or if someone dare to speak to me about them.

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    I get that you want to create some weird conspiracy about your sexuality in order to raise your escort rates, but it's too late. You get an hour and the whole world knows you love getting fucked. This thread is a hilarious glimpse into the life of a mentally ill person deciding to stop their meds.

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    Everything about his physique and looks are so "perfect," i. I have met the guy in person on a number of occasions.

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    He is polite, kind, and respectful. Actually, he has an amazing sense of humor. Gay or Straight--I don't believe in labels. I believe in individualism.

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    Check out my videos on seancody or better still, come see me in person. For a prompt response a text is best. Reviewed by mikej , 13 Jun, Have you met Trevorxx? We'd love you to share your experience with him. Membership Gift Trevorxx 's profile has expired! Photo Rating: My Website. Share Profile. Contact Me. Click to get my phone number and give me a call now!