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To the extent that fees are listed for escort services, you acknowledge that such fees are for companionship only. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of use, provisions and conditions herein, you are directed to terminate and discontinue your use of this site immediately. Become a friendboy. Better than rentmen, rent boys, male escorts or gay massage. If you are looking for your future boyfriend, you are on the right site. Choose from a large verity of hot gay and gay friendly guys and contact them directly Gay reviews are very appreciated here.

After a month of so of not escorting, I actually started to miss it. Some of my friends who are former escorts usually say that they don't miss it except for the money maybe because they currently make less than when they escorted , but for me I missed my clients and their stories.

Welcome to my Escort Blog

It's like dating, or more like seeing friends with benefits. Every relationship seems so simple and clear cut; pure and self-contained. With no emotional ties, obligations and long-term expectations, fun and pleasure is the cream that surfaces. It would be just too easy to make a cream joke right about now Creating new penis devices and conducting biomedical experiments are cerebrally stimulating, while escorting fulfills the purpose of such pursuits: We're in March now, and slowly but surely an equilibrium is manifesting: Anyways, sorry to my regular readers that you had to wait so long for this post.

Let me know I get a lot of appointments where the guy doesn't show up. This is normal, and most common with those I haven't seen before. Because of this, all new clients will be reminded to confirm the appointment by phone 1 hour in advance. If I don't get this confirmation call, I make new plans. Life is too short to be waiting for someone who doesn't plan on showing up.

What do I do if they do show up, without confirming? I let them know that I was waiting for their call, but no confirmation means no appointment. I reschedule if I can on the spot. But this rarely happens. Today I was waiting for a confirmation call at 5pm for a 6pm appointment, but no call came through so I went to the gym instead.

It feels good to know that I didn't waste my time waiting for a no show! Now the problem is guys will make an appointment, but not feel that it is set so they can easily back out without letting me know their intentions. This may seem harsh, but in my experience, if they don't show once, they don't show up the second time either. Also from experience, a no-show also is not the ideal client if he actually arrives. It is best to focus on the good clients that arrive on time, everytime than the fish that got away.

Im sure someone out there gets a thrill of making appointments with escorts, and never going to see them. Sad, but cheap thrills are still thrills. I actually find that blocking these people is a big thrill for me too! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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Since it is all a big game, why not have fun? As the calendar year ends, I pause to think about the years of escorting behind me. In that time I have sucessfully weeded out the guys who demand unprotected sex, while holding on to the clients that I like the most who are not too demanding and generous.

Tipping is still a great way to show appreciation, and I like to know I do a good job. I want to thank all my guys who have been showing their appreciation to me, and I hope you all enjoy the holidays.

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But I intend to squeeze in another post sometime before the end of the year. Thanks, and keep in touch! Assuming you have your photos and texts ready, now you need to come up with an advertising strategy. What kind of money will you be starting with? This matters a lot because you need money for a cell phone, and for advertising.

Print advertising is usually the most expensive, especially if a photo is going to be used. Many potential clients use local escort ads in print, and will most probably get you clients faster than with internet ads. This is based on my experience, but the world is changing fast so perhaps now internet is faster than print. Please note that there is a lot less people on the internet than you think we who practically live on the net think everyone else is too! Most potential local clients are part of a group of men who frequent regularly sex workers, and they usually do not like to leave any electronic trail on their computer, or just basically not technological.

That said, select a picture for your ad. Include your face if you can, because cut-off heads are not attractive. I understand the need for discretion, but that is a decision you need to make for yourself. Select a name for yourself. I recommend using your own name, because if and when you decide to tell a long term client your real name somewhere down the line , it has a negative effect on the working relationship.

That is also your choice.

Being yourself with clients has a lot of advantages over the long run, such as freely sharing personal stories and increasing intimacy without worrying that you will blow your cover. Clients can sense deception, since they are often deceived by escorts lying about price, physical description, you name it. A lying escort doesn't keep clients for long, and usually has a hard time keeping his lies straight. Look at as many escort ads in different local publications as possible.

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The ones which has a lot of male escort ads should be considered first. I know that there will be a lot of competition should you place an ad along side the other escorts, but consider the situation from a client's perspective. A client will have most likely studied the current list of ads and has been watching the same section in the publication for a long time, years even.


He knows all the ads already, and only looks for changes now. Your new ad will catch his attention, and you need to change the ad often to continue to catch his attention. Catch his eye with a good picture, and engage his mind with well written text. Be different. A string of physical statistics really is boring, because it doesn't describe anything important.

Getting an ad together takes time, and will probably get easier with time. More on this in the next post. Continuing from the last post, and assuming you are both sexually open to a large variety of people AND physically attractive to most people, you are ready for the next important step to becoming an escort: Working for an agency is an option for those who want to give a part of their earnings in exchange for getting clients.

This is much easier than being independant, which involves creating advertising and answering messages directly from potential customers. Another advantage with agencies is that the escort can have more discretion in terms of identity, because only the agency is advertising for their behalf, unlike an independant escort who advertises himself with his chosen name and hopefully their own pictures and contact information. But since I have never worked for an agency because I did not feel the need for secrecy, I will concentrate on becoming an independant escort.

Being independant in terms of escorting entails a lot of work in many different areas, from public relations in answering phones and electronic messages, to photography for advertising and graphic design creating new ads and meeting submission deadlines , and the usual diet and fitness to ensure career longevity as clients prefer to return to healthy looking escorts.

Selecting the right forms of advertising in print and internet profiles is also a challenge, since too much advertising can cost more than what you are making, especially in print form. This workload forces the development of successful business skills, which can be used in other jobs if and when you decide to pursue other forms of employement. First step is to prepare media displaying your body and talents, in the form of pictures and text.