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Religion December 8, A global snapshot of same-sex marriage.

Gay Marriage and Homosexuality

Worldwide, roughly two-thirds of the countries that allow gay marriage are in Western Europe. Religion December 5, Supreme Court same-sex wedding cake case reflects split among American public. Americans are divided over whether businesses that provide wedding services should be required to cater to same-sex couples even if their owners have religious objections to homosexuality. Pew Research Center June 30, Where Europe stands on gay marriage and civil unions. Germany, the largest country in Western Europe by population, has become the 15th European nation to change its laws to allow gay marriage.

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Religion June 26, Read five key facts about same-sex marriage, two years after U. Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that granted same-sex couples the right to marry.

Marriage Equality |

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Kids React to Gay Marriage

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Very difficult. Get the best and most current information you need to make the case for man-woman marriage. Learn how to give the best defense for marriage in day-to-day conversations. Social science supports the wisdom that kids do best with a mom and a dad.

Should Gay Marriage Be Legal?

All of us can become more effective at articulating a convincing pro-marriage message. Please set aside some time to learn the most effective talking points, catch up on the most recent and compre-hensive research, and better understand the social science of marriage. That's because according to published news reports, the misnamed "Equality Act" is set to be introduced as proposed legislation as early as tomorrow. In so doing, we will be embroiled in defending against an all-out attack […] [ read more ].

Gay Matrimony and Matrimonial Service

Marriage as one man and one woman has been the universal human norm since the dawn of time. It has existed in virtually every civilization and society […] [ read more ]. As unlikely as it may be, Gabbard, a largely unknown Democrat representing part of Honolulu in the US House, is running for president. In announcing her longshot campaign earlier this week, the year old Gabbard apologized for "wrong" and "hurtful" statements she made years […] [ read more ].

Dear Marriage Supporter — In less than three weeks, the Democrats will take over control of the US House of Representatives and the onslaught on our values will dramatically escalate. The engine of the leftist radicals who are the driving force behind the Democrats agenda include a host of LGBT groups, and their demands are […] [ read more ].

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The "Equality" Assault - https: NOM President, briansbrown , is one of the signatories of this letter.