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All work will be nationally-led but primarily locally delivered. This means that the whole package of delivery will respond to local need and able to adapt to local environments. For example, rural areas and urban areas can use their local expertise and experience to translate the national resources into practical delivery. It will also enable those organisations working in areas with particular deprivation e.

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Some of our Partners are specialists in particular aspects of sexual orientation, gender identity or sex such as Bisexuality and Trans. Collectively, as a Partnership, we can draw on this experience where necessary. We are in no way implying that every Partner is expert in every aspect of sexual orientation, gender identity or sex. This is a community-led project, delivered for the EHRC. The project is liaising with Stop Hate UK in order to avoid duplication of service provision.

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Report a hate crime online directly to police. The eight specific work-streams areas are outlined in the section below. The National LGBT Hate Crime Framework Group Set up in March this group is a strategic way of considering the diverse range of issues throughout the whole delivery plan and offers coordinated support and engagement for the Partners.

This is an opportunity to think collaboratively on national level planning and delivery; to avoid duplication with other existing services; and to ensure maximum reach and impact. This allows the project to assess what is working, share best practice, build on good practice and reduce duplication. The two aims of the campaign are to: Help people to identify and recognise LGBT hate crimes and hate incidents in all their forms e. We are developing associated information resources covering reporting, support, recognising hate crime, etc.

The campaign is nationally driven but locally delivered so will enable existing support organisations to signpost their own service provision. Michael's Media Ferndale, Michigan.

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