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Like the unhappy families at the beginning of Anna Karenina, people have been have been negative for a variety of reasons. There have been the predictable homophobes, of course— "[w]hen I found the comic appearing on a white supremacist site, I had to make sure they weren't being sarcastic.

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It's a story that "challenges readers to stop clinging to and enforcing categories of gender and sexuality", says Zan Christensen, editor of Northwest Press and the Anything That Loves anthology. It's strictly personal with an eye towards the universal—it uses cutesy policemen and an ex-boyfriend as stand-ins for vast cultural debates, the type last publicly seen when Chelsea Manning revealed her identity: Who gets to be called a man?

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Can gender ever be separated from sexuality? It also ends with a scene of Roundy about to have sex. He's had requests to take the scene out for sex and gender classes at colleges, but he's refused— "if they're in college, they should be able to understand what sex is" But Roundy' very comfortable discussing issues related to both gay sex and himself. A one-time Arts Editor of the now-folded gay-alt weekly New York Blade, author of "The Amazing Adventures of Bill," a diary comic strip ten years in the making, contributor to previous gay-comic anthologies like Bottoms in Love, and self-publisher of an irregularly released Bill Newsletter the first issue published in on MS Publisher , Roundy's had over a decade of practice in getting comfortable facing an issue straight on.

Some have told him that it's far too focused on himself. Figuring that the comic would stay with readers of Anything That Loves , subtitled Comics Beyond Gay and Straight , he took the advice of early readers who suggested that he remove a lot of "trans stuff. It's all about me, me, me!

There's a fine line, though, between telling one's own story and claiming to speak for a larger group. Roundy is careful in our discussions to point out that he doesn't want anyone to think he's speaking for anyone else. He's had a more expansive idea for a while of a "Cisgender Guy's Guide to Transgender Guys," but is reluctant to take the lead on such a project—"my experiences are probably atypical.

I don't want to be that cis-guy who keeps talking about trans guys. Another criticism I've gotten is that I'm getting so much attention for this while there are trans men are drawing comics who are not getting this sort of attention, although I don't know of anyone of who is specifically talking about trans-cis male relationships in comics. Another "sticking point for a lot of people" has been the comic's use of the term 'Gold Star Gay'.

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It's a key moment in the strip, featuring Roundy holding onto the idea that he's only had sex with men, visually represented with a gold star. I've never heard anyone actually take it seriously.

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It's come up when gay men are discussing their high school girlfriends— 'Oh, did you sleep with her? Well look at you, you get a gold star! I thought it was exaggerated enough that it would be nothing that I take really seriously, I thought it would be a good visual metaphor.

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But if we only build around them, then we look like an episode of The Andy Griffith Show for all eternity. If someone gets upset, so be it; there are a thousand other comics out there for those people. Uber's IPO filing today revealed a mix of good news and bad news about the company.

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The good: In , Uber made… twitter. Skip Article Header. Skip to: Start of Article. From what she says, it sounds like he wants to convince her to want him or love him, and no one should be in the business of doing that. Everyone deserves to be loved because , not although. Trans men are hot and deserve to be loved for the amazing men they are. They did not have their masculinity handed to them. They earned it—often through journeys that take unbelievable resilience and courage. An intentional man. The full package.

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Find someone who wants the full you. Follow M. Dru Levasseur on Twitter at www. Learn more about the Jim Collins Foundation at jimcollinsfoundation. I date a lot of people mostly guys these days and have recently started seeing a year-old het male. What do you suggest? Could this three-way end awkwardly? Of course it could. But there is a percent chance of having a three-way, TPV, and that is awesome.

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This beautifully produced coffee-table book brings together over of Georgia Straight's iconic covers, along with short essays, insider details and contributor reflections, putting each of these issues of the publication into its historical context. I am so kicking my self in the ass. I was rushing to get back to work. You and me looked at each