Signs that you may be dating a guy who is actually gay

One day he smiled at me really big at the grocery store which really caught my attention and started to make me wonder if he's gay too.

Throughout the semester I noticed that he would lift weights next to me but I don't know if it's just coincidence. One time, he even asked to be my partner for this exercise, but I was stupid and chickened out when he asked if I wanted him to hold my legs down. I know that was a big mistake and I'm kicking myself for it. Now this year, I have no classes with him which sucks. But every time I see him in the halls my heart beats really fast. What makes this even more complicated is that he doesn't know that I'm gay because I haven't exactly come out to everybody yet.

Any advice would be great. Of course, there's no way to know if these anecdotes mean that this guy is gay. However, this tactic can be hit or miss since the guy might be gay and still not come out, or not be gay in the first place. This teen could also ask him simple questions, like "What do you think of gay marriage?

Warning Signs

Don't fret, my confused little lez. You're in the right place. I'm a pretty talentless, year-old lesbian, who struggles with many things in life. I'm overwhelmed by menial tasks, like responding to text messages and listening to voicemails.

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I still screw up "than" and "then" much to the dismay of my editor. But you know what I'm amazing at? Being able to tell if a woman is not a l-e-s-b-i-a-n. I know this sounds smug, but it's truly one of the only things I'm good at. Let a girl have her moment to shine. Get the fuck out of here!

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When I come across a "lesbian" I'm doing proverbial air quotes and get the vibe that she's straight, I sweetly smile to myself and hope she proves me and whatever poor dyke's heart she's toying with wrong. Trust me, it has nothing to do with the way the girl dresses. I dress pretty straight-bitch myself, and I'm as dykey as it gets. It's got nothing to do with her career, if she wears her keys clipped on her belt loop or if she can throw a softball. I flunked gym class, and I wear a giant quilted Chanel purse in lieu of house keys.

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That shit means nothing. I used to say lezdar was a talent that can't be taught. You can't teach someone to be a good singer, and you can't teach a person to have good lezdar. But you can teach a person to read music, right?

'How I found out my partner was gay'

So I realized I can teach the rest of you regular people a few warning signs that she's not a lesbian:. It's one thing to kiss her pillowy lips. It's one thing to touch her full, lesbian breasts. Who doesn't like to touch a breast? It's also one thing to be a pillow princess and lie down with closed eyes as you blissfully let a lesbian go down on you. But if you can't stomach going down on her, you're not a lesbian. Oral sex with a woman is so intensely intimate, you can't fake liking that sort of thing.

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In fact, most straight girls I've spoken with say, "I would totally be a lesbian, but EW, I can't imagine going down on a girl ," to which I smile and say, "That's my favorite part. Lesbians and queer girls in general love the vagina! We like the way it tastes, the way it looks, and we really can't get enough.

To say you're a lesbian but you don't to perform oral is like saying you're heterosexual and hate the dick. If you can dismiss a core part of lesbian sexuality, chances are, you're not a lez. I get it.