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Thirteen same-sex couples in Japan file lawsuits against the government! Other Locations. View this page in a different language: The Government was adamantly opposed to the court challenge. The couple reported that they often had rocks thrown at them, were suffering from depression and were residing in the Netherlands after leaving Aruba in November because of harassment when they tried to register as a married couple.

In December , an island lower court ruled that the marriage between Charlene and Esther Oduber-Lamer in the Netherlands should be recognized in Aruba.

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The Aruban Government's stance was that the Civil Code of Aruba does not allow for same-sex marriage , and that it goes against Aruba's way of life. The court upheld the decision on 23 August , stating that: Since Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, it must comply with demands of the Kingdom.

Aruban Prime Minister Nelson O. Oduber reacted to the decision by declaring: On April 13, , the Supreme Court declared that, in accordance with the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands , all marriages contracted in the different parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands , should be accepted in the other parts of the Kingdom as well.

It said that the matter that Aruba doesn't have a same-sex marriage law or that it goes against Aruba's 'way of life' is irrelevant to the issue. In the case of a joint divorce request of a same-sex couple in Aruba, a court ruled in that even though same-sex marriages aren't mentioned in the Civil Code of Aruba, the partners constituted a married couple and as such should be allowed to divorce. In , the Common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba ruled in an appealed case that a partner in a same-sex marriage does not have to be offered health care benefits in a government employees health care scheme.

The court ruled similarly in a case involving the enrollment of a same-sex couple in a collective health insurance scheme, stating explicitly that enrollment to same-sex couples was only possible as enrollment was also open to non-married couples and thus excluding same-sex couples would constitute discrimination. If non-married couples were excluded, then there would be no obligation for same-sex couples to be included.

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That initiatives can come not only from the parliament or the government, but also from the people themselves. Everyone has the right to submit a bill, I am going to do everything to help this group, because they are also part of it. He said: In November , Prime Minister Mike Eman promised to support initiatives to introduce registered partnerships for same-sex couples.

The amendment gives couples in registered partnerships many rights offered to married couples, such as access to spousal pensions and authority to make emergency medical decisions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Armenia Estonia Israel Mexico 1 Netherlands 2.

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Same-sex marriage recognized. Our tiny island gem is nestled in the warm southern Caribbean with nearly different nationalities happily living together. We welcome all visitors with sunny smiles and a warm embrace. To share or access this list from other devices, create a MyAruba login.

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This site uses cookies. Some are essential while others improve your browsing experience and allow us to advertise. For more info visit the privacy policy page. In our cab ride from the airport, while our driver excitedly pointed out tourist spots, we asked if the island had a rainy season — and we were met with a hearty chuckle. One of the most striking things about Aruba is its daily picture-perfect weather. Aruba, located outside of Hurricane Alley, is generally known to have some of the best weather in the Caribbean.

During our late-April trip, the temps hovered at 90 every day, with sunshine in abundance.

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But there is a steady breeze that keeps it from feeling too hot and which can also trick sunbathers into not being as generous with the sunscreen as they should! The island is bordered by rolling white sandy beaches and the bright blue Caribbean that is nearly waveless near the shore. Inland, Aruba is rife with a cactus-dotted desert landscape. Visitors can hop in guide-driven jeeps and ATVs or rent their own off-roading vehicles to traverse the rocky roads of the park.

And when I say rocky, I truly mean hold-onto-your-hat-and-the-handle-and-anything-else-you-can-find rocky.

Wild goats roam the park, and you can also spot rare birds and snakes as you traverse the hills, from the tops of which you will find spectacular, panoramic views of the island. The park is home to a number of caves that carry drawings and inscriptions dating back thousands of years.