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There is no difference for us between the markets; if we can help bring people together, then Badoo is doing its job. We do not restrict ourselves in terms of GEOs. We are all professionals. Nevertheless, women should not be afraid to take on challenges. My advice for women in tech, or business, is to be passionate about what you do and always be open to learn more.

For me, one of the most important things is to find a role model, in your circle, with whom you can share ups and downs, concerns and ask for advice. I have someone like this, who helps me tremendously in achieving my goals and succeeding as a leader. I also like to remind myself that success comes from within. Visit the Badoo website here. Scott is the Editor of Global Dating Insights.

But while these sad truths cannot be ignored, there are also a number of more positive reasons why LGBT online dating is both fun and popular.

LGBT Dating - The Ultimate Guide To Success

We want to make Badoo to be the most fun online dating platform of all, and we have a range of exclusive features that we believe make it incredibly enjoyable. Normally you have a quick swipe through the photos, laugh at their bio and move on. However for LGBT people it could potentially be useful, as you discover an unexpected or unpredicted ally. Or who knows, maybe even something more! A new place to meet - Most cities have a good selection of LGBT friendly bars, while others have entire areas of the city which are both safe and welcoming to everyone.

Badoo was free, a lot of fun and offered many options.

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A month ago I created a profile again. But, what a disaster! I couldn't have entered my profile at all if I hadn't added the number.

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It got stuck there - with all my photos and private data. I finally did it, but it made me feel awkward. I don't like to expose my phone number on the internet. I tried to delete it, but Badoo forced me to add it back. I linked my Facebook profile to my Badoo profile, hoping it would help me unlink my phone number, but my Facebook profile photo was quite different from my Badoo photo - so Badoo locked me again.

It forced me to take a photo, to actually give the permission to Badoo to use my laptop camera! I'd never done something like that in my whole life! However, it was not enough! They asked me to add a photo where I looked just the same as on the one they took! Luckily I found one and they finally let me in. I was exhausted and distrustful and just wanted to get away from that site. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't first delete my photos and unlink my phone number and then delete the profile. Whenever I tried to do it - they did the same thing - asked for a phone number or a profile verification.

So, in the end - when I finally got in there for the second time - I just deleted my account with all the photos and my phone number stuck in there. I read their rules and regulations.

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They can keep my data indefinitely if they want to. This doesn't make me feel really good, especially nowadays when there's such a great deal of misuse of the internet and private data. It was the best site for meeting new people but now - it's among the worst sites out there. Stealing people's private photos, telephone numbers, all Facebook data - it's outrageous!!! Do yourself a favour and don't join that site. You will never be able to delete your private data again! They force me suddenly to verify my photo.

I don't want this. Nothing to do with being fake i just don't want to give them access to my mobile phone with the app, i never use the app, always online via chrome webbrowser. Now i cannot use the site anymore but the worst thing is, i want to delete my account and this isn't possible anymore too!!

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This site has full of nutters. I dated someone for a while who was married and is posing as single hardcore. Reported him and they didnt bat an eyelid. As said In my comment usually sites cancel accounts when something like that happens. I thought they have different plans of premiums example 1 week's, 3 month's or 1 year's usage. It turns out they take away monies from my bank account every single week.

There's no buttons to terminate the charges. What a waste. I thought it was good at first. Now this unconsented charges they take from my bank account. Illegally charging my PayPal account - blocking me because I was using the site on two different platforms FAKE profiles Badoo has it all.

Benefits of online LGBT dating

Just not in a good way. Dissappointed by my experience with Badoo dating: I discovered that even with a paid account I could only contact about 10 percent of the female profiles. I could send about another ten percent of profiles a message, but then I had to buy "credits".

So it would cost around 1 euro per sent message Making it a very expensive site imo. Badoo moderating is poor: I noticed several profiles with fake instagram photos, but after contacting Badoo no action was taken.

Interview: Meet Badoo's Head of Growth Marketing - Global Dating Insights

Men pretending to be women: This reduces the credibility of their site. About one in six female profiles has a fake location indicated. These women appear to be in my country, but in reality often are living in a different continent! This site is horrible.

I used to take this site very seriously in the beginning but no more. A bunch of sex-crazed, disease infested, and money hungry men, looking for a female to use. Some of these men look for hard-working stable women to use. Most of them still live at home with their Mama, already have children, "small children at that," and sometimes babies, looking for a woman to take care of them. Others are married with kids, yet they say that they are separated, but that is all a lie. They are looking for a one-night stand. They start by being kind to you online and talkin sweet online.

Once they meet with you they just want to have sex right there on the spot and most of them "DO NOT" Their presentation is horrible and very unprofessional. They will try and take you to a near by bar and pressure you just enough to get you tipsy or drunk even so they can have their way with you. They will try to force alcohol on you whether you drink or not. I had sent messages to women who I had alleged to have matched. Not one reply, I even asked a couple to just say not interested to prove they where not fake profiles and guess what no reply! The way the site wants to get its hands on you money is very impressive.

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I was told to do online dating but it seems dating sites are just after your money. A distinct and flagrant absence of transparent processes sums of this dishonest company. I have created a number of accounts in the past all of which were blocked. Its only recently that I contacted Badoo and questioned the reason. I was informed that I was sexually explicit in my username. On one username I will hold my hands up.