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Muscle gay foot fetish with cumshot. Adult gameplay 3d. In, and out. Steadily build speed. This is way better with a playmate. Being a good fister requires knowledge of different chemicals and compounds and how they interact with each other. Insertable toys can get very expensive, especially larger ones, and you want to pay for premium materials. You should avoid cheap, hard, plastic-feeling toys made out of materials like TPE.

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Do research! I use J-Lube. Different fisters enjoy different consistencies — I like my J-Lube thicker, less runny. Adding different compounds to the mixture produces different effects. Clove oil, for example, softens the skin and minimizes inflammation and irritation, and has a nice smell.

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This is for everybody. Everyone with a kinky thing: Stop using porn as a the measuring stick for skill. Porn is wonderful, but it also skews to the advanced skill level. Which means we, the viewing public, rarely see the failed attempts or hours of training. It happens before, during, and after the action, and gets edited out of the final product. Form your reality around your own experience first.

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The kinkiest, most hardcore fister will be a beginner to a new kink. The stigma against fisting is real.

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In the kink community, fisting is not a divisive or uncommon practice. No one bats an eye. Look up apps like Recon or, better yet, go to your nearest leather bar or fetish store and ask the people there if they recommend any local fisting gatherings or online communities. Consider fisting Olympic-style penetration. All sports have risks. As with all sports, there are necessary steps you must take to minimize risks. Fisting happens in the mind, not the body. We tend to tense our muscles when we experience new and uncomfortable sensations.

The journey of fisting is training your body to breathe, relax, and enjoy the sensation of your body relaxing and opening. I was horrified of fisting when I first saw a video. That horror morphed into curiosity. Years later, I accepted the fact that I was into it, and had to try it. The feeling itself is overwhelming, uncomfortable, and can be very intimidating. The vulnerability of working and exploring the limits of your pleasure and your body with someone is powerful.

On the other side of that nervous threshold is the most intense pleasure my body has ever felt. Fisting is a two-person job. While the infection potential of gloveless fisting is disputed among fisters, you should definitely start with gloves.

That said, you should wash your hands and forearms thoroughly before every fist session. Your fingernails must be shaved down to nubs. What might feel like a barely-there sliver of fingernail to you will feel sharp when your hand is inside your playmate. Fingernails can hurt — and even tear and injure — the delicate skin of the rectum and colon. This is why you must wear gloves. Use gloves made of nitrile, which is just as strong and protective as latex. Start with a good toy play session and see how big you can go.

Fisters love talking about fisting. Everyone has toy recommendations, buddy referrals, and so on. We have a pretty tight-knit community. Talk to him about your skill level. An amateur fister who claims to be a pro can hurt you. You want to build confidence and trust with this person. Referrals might seem awkward, but if you want to do this, someone needs to train you. If someone can refer you to a good playmate, reach out to them.

Best way to avoid injury?


Many guys start fisting on drugs, because drugs make fisting easier. They mask the sensation of pain and relax your body. While drugs have understandable appeal for all kinds of sex not just fisting , masking pain is problematic, since pain tells you when you need to stop. It will take more time and more effort without substances.