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Short of heading to Hyde's for a hookup or meeting guys on the usual apps, one of the many gay bars located around town offers your best bet in Kansas City for meeting men on the make. In Union Hill, not far from Hyde's, the Side Street Bar makes a good option for meeting fairly cruise-y dudes, especially those with a leaning toward bears, leather, and such.

In warm weather, you can mingle and exchange vitals while seated on the covered patio area out back. The place gets packed on the weekends with fun-seekers of all ages, collegiate to mature.


The long-running drag shows draw both gay and straight fans; nightly happy hours offer rotating drink specials. The Kansas City Pioneers gather upstairs, where you can also find a leather shop. Share Pin Email. Read More. Kansas City. Matt's escorting still was not well understood for me - there are health risks involved - but these are never referenced.

So he's making money he doesn't appear to need but he's also taking risks.

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Yet no mention at all of any of that. Are you not regularly tested.. In NYC. Doesn't ring true. Still - I enjoyed the story, apart from any realism at all being felt with the two MC's. Oct 05, Debra added it Shelves: Originally reviewed at Sinfully. Wells has done all this with Lucas and Matt and this story is easily my favorite of the series. Lucas is an extremely successful businessman. He grew up learning from his father that control and routine leads to success and he has done very well by that.

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He also keeps to routine and control with his sex life, hiring an escort a few times a month, but rarely the same one twice. That is until Matt arrives and does the unexpected — allows Lucas to give up his control for one night. Matt is very happy with his life. These are jobs that allow him to have plenty of sex which he loves and make money. He has full control over the jobs he takes and has a few rules to keep things going smoothly. When Lucas gets in touch with Matt again, the two start to bond over more than sex. Soon their tentative friendship has become so much more, but they each wonder just how much more they can have.

There is not a lot of drama here. While there is plenty of hot sex from the get-go between Matt and Lucas, there was really such a gentle build-up to the romance as both men soon begin breaking their rules just to spend time with each other. I absolutely adored Matt and his attitude towards life. He has his goals, but he enjoys himself to the fullest on the way to meeting them. Lucas, for all his success, has never really allowed himself to just enjoy things. Despite Matt being younger, he has no problem taking charge and getting Lucas to loosen up. Lucas is no slouch himself and it only gets better when he actively starts romancing Matt.

She may not make her appearance until late in the story, but she definitely makes her mark! This was a wonderful story all the way through to the beautiful Epilogue. Nov 21, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was gifted to me by the author in hopes I'd leave a favorable review. Hells, yeah!! First off, I love this series, each one focusing on a specific material.

We had Lace and Satin, and now I've devoured Silk. Here, we have Lucas, early 40s, a self-made millionaire, whose stoic and rigid upbringing has left him with a mild case of social anxiety and an unwillingness to form romantic attachments. Or any kind of attachments with other people, really. When he needs sex, he calls up 4.

When he needs sex, he calls upon an escort, never inviting the same man more than twice, at the very most. Usually, the escorts get only one dance upon his silk sheets - the rare man may be hired twice. It was clear early on that Lucas was lonely and unhappy, but didn't realize it. He thought his life was normal. Cuddles, embraces? Who needs them. When he's ready. Modeling underwear is for fun, as is escorting - and Matt likes sex.

The money is nice, but Matt knows that this isn't something he'll do long-term. Besides, his parents would be mortified and disappointed if they knew about his side jobs. He has a few regulars, but is also perfectly happy to accept new clients. Holy moly, do they burn up those silky sheets. A couple of weeks later, still thinking about Matt, Lucas hires him again. And then again. And then I really liked how the author drew her characters here, giving them a full backstory that made them who they are, but also gave them room to grow and expand their world views.

Matt's rule of never falling for a client crumbles. He still has other clients, but there is thankfully no sex with others once he starts hanging out with Lucas outside of the bedroom. Lucas, though being the older man, doesn't have a whole lot of experience with romantic relationships and it shows.

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And Matt, as mature as he is, crumbles under the perceived expectations of not only Lucas, but also his parents, and he definitely has some growing up to do. He's stubborn and somewhat unreasonable, but so is Lucas to some degree. They both need to learn the fine art of compromise which is so important in any relationship, and they both need to learn to communicate honestly and openly, which translates to telling each other what's bothering them.

What they want. What they need. And what they expect. Matt's sister Angela, as well as his parents, were also well done, and I absolutely adored Lucas' grandmother Diane. The scenes set at her house were often hilarious, but Grandma Diane also has a huge hand in sorting these two knuckleheads out when they can't seem to do that on their own. The somewhat large age difference really didn't matter here - they were well-matched from a maturity perspective, and Lucas had no issue keeping up with Matt's libido either.

I loved, loved, loved it. This was an excellent read, and I enjoyed myself immensely while reading. I might have taken a cold shower after, but this is not unusual for a KC Wells book. The short teaser at the end of this book has me salivating already. A review was not promised in return. This was one of those books that did everything right overall, but still didn't quite satisfy.

Thankfully that didn't happen here. I liked Matt in general. He might have been twenty-seven, but he definitely had his act together.

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He made thoughtful, if questionable decisions, but he was savvy. Moreover he was willi This was one of those books that did everything right overall, but still didn't quite satisfy.

Moreover he was willing to be responsible for them. However, Matt was also unfinished. I knew he was biracial, but exactly what did that mean? It was like the author was a bit scared to go there so decided the safest course was to be as oblique as possible. Granted, the young man on the cover is obviously PoC, but the important details left more questions than answers, especially in terms of his family. Don't get it twisted, race can be handled with subtleness and there's absolutely nothing wrong with filling in the blanks.

Not to mention, there's really no excuse to play guessing games, with all the resources out there for authors wanting to write diversely without making a cake of it. Still kudos for the cover. Lucas was intriguing, though I really don't consider 45 as "old".

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I especially loved his sassy something grandmother. What I loved was how Lucas' money didn't faze Matt. He approached the older man as an equal. None of that deer in the headlights Ana Steele bullshit. And despite his being a client, Matt retained his autonomy. With that said, my final score is 3. Queer PoC is an automatic star. View 1 comment. I was way more entertained with Silk.