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The second-best gay daddy dating portal, according to GaySugarDaddySites. This platform is said to be the largest sugar dating site worldwide.

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It has millions of members who initiate day to day conversations to create the ideal arrangements and schedule dates. The platform was created in to help sugar daddies and mommies find compatible daddies.

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Its primary goal is to help clients locate new acquaintances, dates, and positive relationships. The application process takes less than one minute with potential members browsing through the profiles of 1, registered members. This review portal also made the search process less difficult compared to other websites.

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It makes sure that sugar daddies are protected from fraud or unscrupulous individuals. The no-strings-attached affinity is a no-brainer because this service provider is fully aware of how hard it is for gays to find the reliable platform for finding their daddies. The truth is GaySugarDaddySites. Interested gays can check out the website at http: In his experience, many of Kyle's pursuers sought "masculine" men and at first, he assumed they were mostly closeted, but he eventually had experiences that expanded his thoughts about relationships, especially with one sugar daddy in particular.

He was [polyamorous] with his wife," Kyle said. Kyle marveled at how in love Martin and his wife were and he said it taught him a valuable lesson about his "personal journey to find what works for me or what I can envision as a healthy relationship outside of strict heterosexual monogamy. He does, however, still have contact and maintain friendly relationships with two sugar daddies, years later. Even though it's no longer a source of supplemental income for him, Kyle wants to emphasize that "this kind of stuff is legitimate, should be decriminalized, and is a legit profession.

Kyle does warn that to be a sugar baby, healthy boundaries are necessary. He also said that being a sugar baby is not for the naive, warning that safety, introspection, and emotional health are all key to success. Louis Baragona.

A 'sugar baby' said he never had to worry about bills — here's why he decided to give it all up

He was a sugar baby for years and was paid in everything from clothes to his rent. Anyways today I got an email with a strange offer. This guy is asking if I have an amazon wishlist and offered to buy a few things for me upfront to "show he's genuine.

He wants to become my "cash slave"??? Now I'm like: But I'd also like free shit who wouldn't? My question for you all is: You'll value it more and won't feel seedy every time you look at it. Some people get off on being dominated. This guy happens to get off on being dominated by having someone take his money.

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Get him to get you small things at first. If once you skype with him you're not into it then you can either give it back or chalk it up to experience, as they're small gifts.

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You've encountered a fetishist. This cash slave shit is something I've been hearing about awhile.


I suppose you might as well go for it if you look at it the way you do, because he is going to find someone else if you don't. I do have to ask you though, could you respect someone like that enough to have a relationship with them?

I'm truly curious, not judging. This is a new thing and I've never had the opportunity to talk to someone about it. Fetishes are peculiar by nature. Just be careful if this goes to meeting IRL, etc.

Seeking Arrangement Review

If people are paying for you they think they have a right or a claim on you. What happens if he wants to move this arrangement off of Skype? What if you enter a real, separate relationship - will he freak out about this?