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In his journal in he wrote: The importance of movement is intensified when a painting becomes a performance. The performance the act of painting becomes as important as the resulting painting. Haring was an openly gay man and was a strong advocate of safe sex ; [7] through his pieces, however, in , he was diagnosed with AIDS. From to , he was featured in more than solo and group exhibitions as well as produced more than 50 public artworks in dozens of charities, hospitals, day care centers, and orphanages. He chose the second-floor men's room for his mural Once Upon a Time.

Chiesa di Sant'Antonio abate in Pisa , he painted the last public work of his life, the mural " Tuttomondo " translation: In , he established the Keith Haring Foundation to provide funding and imagery to AIDS organizations and children's programs, and to expand the audience for his work through exhibitions, publications and the licensing of his images. The foundation's goal is to keep Keith Haring's wishes and expand his heritage, crafts, art and goals by providing grants and funding to nonprofit organizations that target educating disadvantaged youths and informing individuals about HIV and AIDS.

Haring also entrusted the foundation with carrying on his legacy through research and sharing his works and materials pertaining to his life. Haring collaborated with Grace Jones , whom he had met through Andy Warhol. In , Haring and Jones worked together on the two live performances Jones at the Paradise Garage , which Robert Farris Thompson has called a "epicenter for black dance". Each time, Haring covered Jones' body with graffiti. Haring's work demonstrates political and personal influences. Ideas about his sexual orientation are apparent throughout his work, and his journals confirm its impact on his work.

In some of his works—including cat. His fear of nuclear disaster started to appear in his art.

An example of this is a black and white striped flag that he said symbolized the danger of a nuclear apocalypse. Keith Haring was deeply influenced by the Jesus Movement as a youth, and it continued to play a role in his art for his entire career.

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The Jesus Movement was an extremely evangelical , loosely organized, diverse group of Christians. They were known for their anti-materialism and anti-establishment beliefs, focus on the Last Judgement , and their compassionate treatment of the poor. As a young teenager, Haring became very involved in the movement. Religious symbols started to be incorporated into his drawings around that age as well as Jesus Movement sentiments.

This includes anti-church establishment views that can be seen in some of his later work. His tag the Radiant Child depicts a baby with lines radiating out of it, alluding to the Christ child. He continued to make images depicting the Christ child, including Nativity scenes in his characteristic style during his time as a subway artist.

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In them he illustrates the Last Judgement, though who is being saved in the pieces is ambiguous. His art remains on display worldwide. Haring contributed to the New York New Wave display in and in , had his first exclusive exhibition in the Tony Shafrazi Gallery. Since his death Haring has been the subject of several international retrospectives. In , a retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia was the first major exhibition of his work in Australia. In February , on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Haring's death, Tony Shafrazi Gallery showed an exhibition containing dozens of works from every stage of Haring's career.

Haring created the Pop Shop in SoHo district of Manhattan, selling T-Shirts, toys, posters and other objects that show his works - allowing his works to be accessible to a larger number of people. Haring was represented until his death by art dealer Tony Shafrazi. The foundation has a twofold mission of supporting educational opportunities for underprivileged children and financing AIDS research and patient care.

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A lawsuit, filed by a group of nine art collectors at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York , argued that the foundation's actions have "limited the number of Haring works in the public domain, thereby increasing the value of the Haring works that the foundation and its members own or sell. The work combines excerpts from popular chart music of the s with samples of classical music compositions by Lorenzo Ferrero and synthesized sounds. In the film, his legacy is "resurrected through colorful archival footage and remembered by friends and admirers such as artists Kenny Scharf and Yoko Ono , gallery owners Jeffrey Deitch and Tony Shafrazi , and the choreographer Bill T.

Jones ". The animation is standard Haring, featuring his trademark blocky figures dancing in beat to an updated remix of " Into the Groove ". Keith Haring: Double Retrospect is a monster sized jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger measuring in at 17 by 6 feet 5. On May 4, , on what would have been Haring's 54th birthday, Google honored him in a Google Doodle. He designed the album cover for the A Very Special Christmas music compilation album which consists of a typical Haring figure holding a baby. Its "Jesus iconography" is considered unusual in modern rock holiday albums.

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Haring had a balloon in tribute to him at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In , his sister Kay Haring wrote a children's book, Keith Haring: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Keith Haring. Reading, Pennsylvania. New York City , New York. Pop art street art sculpting. Little Bookroom. Retrieved September 7, Encyclopedia of Gay Histories and Cultures.

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Gay dating show keith

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