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Should I send that hamper? Toby Halligan is a comedy writer and stand-up comedian and runs a political comedy room in Melbourne every second Sunday of the month called Political Asylum. Leave a comment. Toby Halligan. Listen Now.

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Love Life. The Anal Episode Sealed Section. Mamamia Confessions- The moment I knew my relationship was over: True Crime. Before The Bump. Parent Opinion. Lady Startup. Reality TV. Real Life. About Mamamia. All Podcasts.

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Mamamia Out Loud. You Beauty. No Filter. This Glorious Mess. The Baby Bubble. The Recap. Sealed Section. Ask Me Anything. Hello, Bump. Fighting For Fair. Mamamia Book Club. Jaime Primak Sullivan, a Holywood publicist, writer, and producer was exchanging sweet kisses with her daughter while talking about different things in front of the camera. It was a simple 'bonding moment' for the mother and child. The little girl asked her mom about who her mom's bestfriend is, what her grandmother's name is, and who her mother's grandmother was. She then proceeded with asking more questions about her great grandmother and why she was in heaven already.

The little girl kept asking until she finally said something that really freaked her mom out!

Watch the video here: Most dads are really not that into texting. I guess that's why they'd rather call us up than send text messages. Well, kudos to those dads who make an effort to learn not just the phone's functions but also the texting lingo! You haven't exactly given them a handbook containing the latest "internet slang" or "leet" words, right? But have you ever received a confusing, almost embarrassing, hilarious text message from your dad?

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Within that whole process of searching for contacts, typing the message, and sending it after, is a large room for errors - particularly when our dads aren't familiar with the features of the latest smartphones. Those messages, no matter how sweet or innocent they are, often read wrong and funny! That is if your dad didn't throw in some "dad humor" in there somewhere. Below is a list of 10 of the most weird but amusing text messages from dads. Number 3 is my personal favorite because my dad's guilty of this too!

Dating Married Men As A Gay Man: The Issues At Hand

Arranged marriages are still being practiced today. I guess this recent incident can give us an answer.

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  8. Kang Hu, 33, was set to marry Na Sung, 30, as per their parents' directives. During the ceremony, the groom Kang Hu surprised all the wedding guests when he ran out of the venue in Shiyan, Hubei, China after telling his bride that she was just "too ugly," and that she would be "bad for his image.

    Photo credit: He adds, "It was a very awkward moment for everyone. The bride was devastated, her family were furious, his family were furious, and we his friends were embarrassed Subscribe so you won't miss anything! Connect with us. By Joy.

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