How to be a gay escort after rentboy

This has also led to better acceptance of male escorting and the people involved in the business. A male sex worker in the U. It is also important to understand that escorts do not always engage in sexual activities with their clients.

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Not just escort agencies, but websites around the world bring escorts closer to their clients. Results of a study of such websites suggested that most were independent and not affiliated to escort agencies, and a large number of them catered to male escorts soliciting male clients, with many sites for female clientele and couples. Rentboy, one of the most popular of its kind, especially in the U.

The owner of of Cowboys 4 Angels , a U.

Here's How Sex Work Changed After the Government Shut Down Rentboy.Com

Bryan Knight, another escort, attended protests at the first indictment of Hurant. Knight has always been entrepreneurial—a venture into carpentry led to massage, which led to escorting—but the changes to the industry in Rentboy's absence were challenging.

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Costs for listing on the remaining websites e. According to Knight and other escorts, hourly rates were driven down across the industry as Rentboy's diaspora migrated to those sites that remained. Like Knight, escort Abel Rey has relied on personal branding to ensure clients can find him online without Rentboy.

He's hosted a YouTube series called " Ask An Escort " since March and kept active on social media, allowing past clients to find him via Google searches. But while Rey thinks business will always keep going regardless of which websites prevail, he says Rentboy represented a sad loss.

Kate D'Adamo, National Policy Advocate at the Sex Workers Project , a New York—based legal aid foundation for sex workers, said that it may have been Rentboy's work in the wider community that made them liable for prosecution. Others have argued it may have been down to an H1B visa application for an employee made in But if outreach and visibility is what exposes sites like Rentboy to legal action, D'Adamo said, that's a much bigger problem.

D'Adamo mentioned RedBook, a popular website for sex workers to find and vet clients based in the Bay Area, which was shut down by the Department of Justice, FBI, and IRS in for "money laundering derived from racketeering based on prostitution. Knight said that "there is no sense of community" in his industry now that Rentboy is no more. He misses the ease of promotion Rentboy brought to his work.

Rentboy was a high-profile phenomenon. They hosted pool parties and dances and gave away annual Hookie awards to particularly stellar escorts. Arrangements made through Rentboy were between consenting adults. David Bimbi, professor of health sciences at LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York, drew a clear distinction between this business and other illegal activities. According to Bimbi, many of the arguments against sex work — that it promotes pimping, sex trafficking and exploits minors — "fly out the window" when it comes to Rentboy, which was a site where adults self-advertised to other adults.

Here's How Sex Work Changed After the Government Shut Down

The coalition claimed Amnesty's proposal would "advocate the legalization of pimping. In fact, experts expressed concern over sex worker safety after Rentboy's demise. The site did make money through escort advertisements. However, it was also a crucial sex worker community lifeline. Johns, or clients, could search profiles and either email an escort or converse using the system's built-in messenger. Rentboy was one of the safest modes of communication: No phone numbers were swapped, no personal information offered.

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The website categorized escorts based on how much they paid. Escorts in popular cities also paid more. The strata were named after precious metals: A higher stratus landed an escort front-page status or real estate on a user's side banner ad. Danny Cruz, an escort with eight years tenure and director of the Los Angeles Sex Worker Outreach Project, told Mic that Rentboy offered classes to escorts on topics like preventing HIV, building websites, preparing taxes and dealing with law enforcement.

According to Cruz, Rentboy offered incentives like two weeks of free advertising just for showing up and learning. Rentboy's openness regarding what escorts were willing to give, and what clients were looking to receive, actually contributed to escorts' safety, according to Juline Koken, an assistant professor of health sciences at CUNY.

Without Rentboy's messaging benefits, Koken said, "A client and an escort can't clearly communicate, 'Here's what I want, here's what I'm willing to give you. Though Mercutio was never physically assaulted, his first date did teach him what kind of Rentboy he wanted to be. After that date, Mercutio was able to decide what kind of clientele he was willing to take. Bimbi said people are often uncomfortable recognizing that sex workers are often able to make their own decisions.

More so, people ignore the natural aspects of subjugation and disrespect that comes with other jobs, like retail or service work. Bimbi spoke about his own years as a server in elite restaurants, where he was often treated poorly by management and customers alike. The ultimate irony, then, is that we expect such treatment for certain jobs but refuse to acknowledge that sex workers often do make choices about their quality of life and quality of work.

That, Bimbi said, is part of the stigma of sex work. Since the raids, many sex workers have organized to battle sex worker stigma.

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