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The website was shut down many times, and Ma found himself having to switch servers repeatedly, he told Caixin.

Looking for love in China? The List of 6 Most Popular Chinese Dating Apps

After media reports outed him, he faced enormous pressure from his workplace and even considered suicide, he said. Gradually, and with the help of a small team, Ma grew his site into an online community.

In November , they launched the Blued app, closely modeled at the time on U. Users were able to connect with others near them, view their profiles, and start chatting. Chen Liang — an early adopter of Blued who is identified here with a pseudonym — said that before apps like Blued appeared, LGBT people in China often had trouble finding dates and friendship, especially in smaller cities.

Zhang interviewed boys who said they had created their Blued accounts when they were as young as Multiple high-schoolers that he spoke to said they had met up with older men through the app, and some said they had been pressured into having sex. Zhang said that a number of underage interviewees told him they had contracted HIV from people they met through Blued.

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Zhang has not published his research, but he shared his findings with Caixin. Hu Wei, the leader of a major LGBT community welfare organization who is not identified here by his real name at his request, said that in the past two years, almost all the new cases of HIV infection found by his organization involved people who had met sexual partners through Blued, including one year-old boy.

Hu also told Caixin he had encountered in his work children as young as 12 who said they were using Blued. But Zhang said men who contracted HIV through sex with other men were in an especially vulnerable position in China, since official organizations in many parts of the country refuse to discuss homosexuality and avoid doing necessary community health care and outreach work. Blued has tried to fill that gap through Danlan, a nonprofit organization affiliated with Blued that provides sex education and free HIV testing, as well as through educational videos livestreamed by the group.

Blued executives contacted by Caixin did not deny that there were minors using the app, but Ma said the intention had never been to target minors.

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Amid a mass crackdown on Chinese livestreaming services in the past two years, Blued changed its policies to require real-name authentication from all streamers. Jiang said that, while broadcasting a live video recently, he was in contact with a person who claimed to be 18 years old but was later revealed to be only Discover Thomson Reuters. Answers On Innovation Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites. United States.

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