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July 14, , by Emily Land. Members of the team came together from across the U. What makes Team OutServe unique? The members of the team are all gay men in different branches of the military.

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First, tell me about your team name. OutServe is an actual organization in the military.

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During that time, it served as an underground network for gay and lesbian service members. It helped members connect with each other. One of our team members—and he gave us permission to share this—had a partner who was killed in Iraq. OutServe came together and helped him out during that time.

Being Openly Gay In The Military

Glenn Gregoire , US Navy cryptologic technician chief: I saw the witch hunts in the beginning [before DADT]. My sister was kicked out of the Airforce for being gay. It was rough—and a struggle for some. I saw a lot of people get kicked out.

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We ended up living two separate lives. I saw the transition to DADT where there were a lot of complaints by the GAL [gay and lesbian] sailors, but it was better than what we had before.

The First Openly Gay Army Secretary in U.S. History

I am a NYC-based sex educator, researcher, and writer focusing on the links between sexuality and wellbeing. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Hoover et al. Zhana Vrangalova Contributor.

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Read More. Roberts said Tuesday he had received them from Robert Work, the deputy defense secretary.

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LGBT groups and their supporters praised the confirmation Tuesday. Fanning has never served in the military, but the Army secretary is a civilian position. Fanning has held several senior positions at the Pentagon, including acting under secretary of the Army, under secretary of the Air Force, and deputy under secretary of the Navy. We want to hear what you think about this article.