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Younger LGBT people may have never spent a day as an adult without the use of apps like Grindr and Scruff to help them connect with similarly oriented people. But not everyone realizes exactly how long the arc of gay app development has been nor how integral a part gay dating has played in the development of the internet as we know it.

Today, the worldwide dating market has become centered around dating apps to an extent that is completely unprecedented.


And in the world of gay dating and hookups, things are no different. The current usage of the word simply means a web-based application that is primarily aimed at mobile users. Long before the appearance of 3G networks, high-speed internet and even modern internet service providers, the internet consisted of small user groups and bulletin board services.

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These were often run by hobbyists or dedicated amateurs. The connection speeds were atrocious, as slow as bps in the early days.

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For comparison, this speed is not much faster than physically typing out a string of text on a teletype machine, a technology that dates to the s. Bulletin board services, which were accessed through early generation dial-up modems, existed throughout many cities during the s.

And like modern chat rooms, these services dealt with a wide variety of subjects.


One of the most prominent ways that these services were used was to host chat rooms for the gay community. Because gay people often faced difficulty in connecting with one another, being forced to go to designated locations and often facing overt homophobia, gay-bashing and police harassment, the internet proved to be an ideal means of meeting and conversing with their gay peers. In large cities like New York and San Francisco, this ability to safely connect with others of similar orientation proved so effective that it eventually came to account for a large percentage of total internet traffic.

It is, therefore, not an exaggeration to say that gay dating was a major driver of the early internet. The first gay bulletin board services opened up a whole new universe of possibilities, including real-time erotic chat, picture sharing and setting up real-world dates. But the early services were mostly for hardcore computer nerds, requiring a good deal of technical skill to use even at the most basic level.

With the advent of CompuServe, one of the first large-scale, modern internet service providers, the online world was opened to a vastly wider audience. But the importance of gay-oriented web traffic did not decline.

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Rather, it continued to rapidly expand in proportion with the ever-widening user base of the now increasingly popular World Wide Web. But it was the emergence of AOL as the leading internet service provider of the s that would really signal the beginning of mainstreaming gay internet culture within the gay community.

In an era where dial-up was still king, AOL helped to pioneer the fast transfer of pictures and even some early online video formats. Still, despite its reputation as being a gay-friendly venue where alternative-lifestyle activity accounted for as much as a third of its traffic, AOL remained far from being a genuine gay dating site.

Towards the end of the s, the first true online gay dating sites started to appear. If anyone in the US with a brand new Apple TV can confirm this by checking their hockey pucks , please do. The A.

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