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Flight Officer Bill Springer is pictured in his leather flying jacket and helmet standing on the wing of his Stearman advanced trainer. Photo provided. Bill Springer will never forget his first night on Iwo Jima, March 1, They had just flown in when the Japanese attacked that first night on the island during World War II.

S Marine uniforms and helmets. Forty pilots were killed or wounded.

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The only thing that saved Springer was that the enemy infiltrators hit the north end of the tent city. That was the farthest spot from where he was housed. From April 1 until the Japanese unconditionally surrendered on Aug. It was more than a seven hour round-trip from Iwo Jima to Tokyo and back.

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Like mother hens, the P Mustangs, strong, would fly fighter protection at the wing tips of the giant four-engine Bs. The fighters and bombers rendezvoused at Kita Jima, an uninhabited rock 40 miles north of Iwo. The bombers flew from Guam, Saipan or Tennian, miles further south of Iwo Jima and more than 1, miles away from their target.

Hundreds of Super Fortresses were in the air on each bombing raid, protected by scores of Ps.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Missions - Planes & Crews

During the four-and-a- half months Springer flew bomber protection, he made seven long-range runs and shot down two Japanese Zero fighters and possibly a third fighter. He also came close to ditching one time. He had fighter hours. A pilot was sent home after 14 long-range missions over enemy territory. As I turned to go into my dive, I took a hit. It caught me right under the parachute I was sitting on. I flew with my trim tabs which decreased control pressures.

Reconstruction of Enola Gay unveiled

Little Boy unleashed forces equivalent to 16 kt of TNT. The total area of destruction spread across 4. Another 70, suffered injuries of varying degrees. Colonel Tibbets landed his plane on a base at Tinian after a total of 12 hours and 13 minutes in flight, receiving the Distinguished Service Cross soon thereafter. His aircraft was transferred to an airbase in Roswell, New Mexico. After the war, it was sent to Davis-Moncton Air Force Base in Arizona, and from there to various locations until , when the Smithsonian took possession of its dismantled components.

Restoration of the Enola Gay began on December 5, However, both the American Legion and the Air Force Association objected to elements of the planned exhibit, saying that they focused too much attention on the death and damage caused by the bombing. Despite the controversy, the planes restoration continued.

A Necessary Evil: The Story of the Enola Gay

War is hell indeed, and the pain inflicted on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was no greater than that suffered by countless millions during the six years from to However, they also prevented the slaughter of an estimated 1,, persons, had the US invaded Japan using conventional weapons. Using numbers to weigh ethics may seem cold and cruel. But coldness and cruelty are essential aspects of warfare.

  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki Missions - Planes & Crews | Atomic Heritage Foundation!
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  • A Necessary Evil: The Story of the Enola Gay?
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  • In the final analysis, what Colonel Tibbets and the other members of the Enola Gay crew did on August 6, was a sad, but necessary, evil. It's like a mass of bubbling molasses. The mushroom is spreading out. It's maybe a mile or two wide and half a mile high.

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    It's growing up and up and up. It's nearly level with us and climbing. It's very black, but there is a purplish tint to the cloud. The base of the mushroom looks like a heavy undercast that is shot through with flames. The city must be below that. The flames and smoke are billowing out, whirling out into the foothills. The hills are disappearing under the smoke.

    The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The 20th Century: Topic 2: Texts and Contexts

    All I can see now of the city is the main dock and what looks like an airfield. That is still visible. There are planes down there. Lewis pounding my shoulder, saying, 'Look at that! Look at that! Lewis said he could taste atomic fission. He said it tasted like lead. But in the log that he was keeping of the mission, he wrote:. David Jones, In Parenthesis W. Adrian Weale, from Eye-Witness Hiroshima Soon after the discovery, in , of fission in uranium by the German scientists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman, the American government launched a massive research program at Los Alamos, New Mexico, with a view to developing an atomic bomb.

    As Tibbets steadied the plane for the final approach, a message was being cranked out from a local air defence centre: According to Tibbets: Major McKnight, Top Secret 's pilot, told the communication officer, who radioed back to the th: It's about to drop. He watched through the nose as it began to fall away: As the bomb left, Tibbets needed to get the Enola Gay as far from the bomb as possible: Tibbets was astonished: Ferebee shouted: The sons of bitches are shooting at us! Caron saw the second shock wave: There's another one coming!