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Ron Swanson

Mark Ruffalo: Stand up for Native American rights. Most recent Stop exchanging your currency at the airport. April 12, You might finally be able to chat with Facebook friends without Messenger. How to finally be the organized traveler you wish you were, according to experts. After learning Jerry reverted to his old ways, George tried to get out of it but was unable to deal with a crying Susan.

So George himself cried in " The Postponement " to convince her to hold off the wedding until March. In " The Pool Guy ", Elaine becomes friends with Susan which causes George to panic saying his worlds were colliding and that it would kill "independent George". In " The Rye ", George and Susan's parents meet resulting in a fight causing Frank to take back the rye bread he brought to the dinner as a gift. In " The Cadillac ", George begins having an affair with Marisa Tomei but she breaks up with him when discovering he is engaged.

Susan was angry with George but the wedding remained on track. George frequently does things to get out of doing work, such as pretending to look annoyed to make them think he is hard at work, and leaving his car in the parking lot so they think he is the first one to arrive to work and the last one to leave in " The Caddy ". Wilhelm does George's work for him accidentally while off his medication. Steinbrenner see "George's" report and has him committed to a mental hospital. George even has a compartment in his desk built where he can sleep in " The Nap ".

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In " The Invitations ", George does everything possible to throw off the engagement such as taking up smoking and asking for a prenuptial agreement. It ultimately is called off when Susan dies from licking toxic glue from the cheap wedding invitations George picked out.

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In " The Foundation ", Susan's parents start a charity in Susan's honor and put George on the board of trustees. In some ways this is revenge for Susan as George watches all the money Susan had that would have been his had they been married be given away to charitable causes. In " The Summer of George ", George takes the summer off with his severance from the Yankees, but it is ultimately no good when George trips on the stairs and has to learn how to walk again.

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He also moves back in with his parents as a result. It is ultimately discovered in " The Voice " George isn't handicapped and he is fired, though he keeps returning anyway because of his employee contract which forces them to pay him if he shows up to work. George's father Frank starts up his own computer company in his garage that George gets a job as a salesman in " The Serenity Now ".

Kramer ends up smashing up the computers, causing the company to fail. In " The Junk Mail ", George's parents want him out of their lives. Feeling abandoned George tries to get their attention by dating his cousin Rhisa , but this fails as George gets freaked out when Rhisa wants to have sex. In " The Slicer ", George gets a job at Kruger Industrial Smoothing, a company that is so disorganized George actually has to work to pick up the slack of his boss, Mr.

George creates his own fake charity in " The Strike " called the Human Fund to swindle money from fellow employees so as to avoid buying them gifts with his own money. Repair troubles force the plane to make an emergency stop and George, Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer are arrested for violating the Good Samaritan Law by not helping an overweight man who was getting carjacked. They become infamous in the news as "The New York Four", as numerous people who hated them showed up to testify against their moral character. George is sentenced to one year in prison along with Elaine, Jerry, and Kramer.

George's relationships with women were typically unsuccessful and frequently ended badly. His most disastrous relationship, an engagement to Susan Ross , is one of the few to end "well" for George; he fears marriage and Susan's unexpected death saves him from the commitment. However, even this comes back to haunt him— her wealthy parents create a foundation in her honor and endow it with the land, mansions, and money that would have been given to George and Susan upon their marriage.

Despite his own flawed appearance, George periodically insists on minimum standards for the women he will date; on one occasion, he refused to accept a blind date until reassured the girl had both thick lustrous hair and skin with "a pinkish hue. Another time he picked up a woman and brought her to a hotel, ostensibly for kinky sex, only to be robbed while handcuffed to the bedposts of the eight dollars he carried in his wallet as well as his suit and coat.

On the ninth season DVD for the finale, it was stated that George had dated 62 girlfriends during the show's run. Unlike Jerry, George is never specifically identified as Jewish or any other religion , but according to some hints given in the show, it is most likely that he is Catholic. If this is the case, then the obvious conclusion to draw is that Estelle is the Jewish half of the equation; as the name "Costanza" comes from Frank, he hails from Tuscany and all references to the possible Catholicism of the Costanza family are due to aspects of Frank, not Estelle.

It is revealed Frank has relatives in Italy, and lived in Italy for part of his early childhood. Additionally, in " The Calzone ", George points out that Costanza is Italian, and that he and the Paisano's clerk are like family because of that.

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The primary religion in Italy is Roman Catholicism. Art Vandelay: Commonly considered George's alter ego, Art Vandelay is usually an unseen character created by George to facilitate a lie.

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  4. Other Pseudonyms: In some instances he was getting the same reaction on his social media profiles. It was enough to make him consider removing his profiles completely. Facing this wall of stigma, Mr Clarkson came across a solution.

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    It changed everything. Originally from New Zealand, he moved to Australia four years ago. Back in Christchurch he played competitive rugby for a local team, went to a Pentecostal church with his mum and dad and, to most people, kept quiet about his sexuality. Newly out, Mr Clarkson, who works in engineering, joined an Australian gay rugby team, surrounded himself with new friends and got himself a partner.

    His boyfriend assured him, that — just like him, he was right up to date with his HIV tests and negative. But for several years infections have stubbornly stuck at around people annually. Seventy per cent of new transmissions are between gay men and 20 per cent between heterosexuals not injecting drugs. Not so Mr Clarkson.