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This is one guy who will keep it together. He is simply too smart to fall for the vices that will be in plain sight. Everything you said is true. I should know.

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I owned a psychiatric hospital for over a decade. I prefer to take the high road in public forums, being totally positive and then taking corrective action when that is called for. The truth is, being dumb or smart has nothing to do with an addictive mindset, most of the time. That is really what it comes down to.

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I would like to think my intelligence prevented me from trying this garbage, which was put in front of me more times than I can remember as a teenager. I have met people who developed an addiction to a street drug after one high. Then there are others who go to party, get drunk and some drug gets put in front of them and with their impulse control blown, they give it try. In the vast majority of these cases the user is self medicating.

Having attended hundreds of medical board meetings where our psychologists and psychiatrists review case histories of newly admitted drug rehab patients, this is usually the case. Given that drug addiction is now far past epidemic rates by any standard, street drug education should be taught in grade school. Given the stress that most people are living with these days, it is a wonder that drug addiction is not more out of control. All of that said, I have every confidence that Sean will take the high road because his total focus is self improvement.

Sean really is a lot like Britney. Now he just needs to make out with a succubus Mr. Santoro would be perfect for that Toxic role , shave his head and commit Crazy vandalism with an umbrella, give a sloppy and cringeworthy performance at an awards show, come back serving Circus Queen and Femme Fatale flawlessness, fall off for a bit while gaining traction using a faux British accent and working an urban edge, then returning to Glory all with various highs, lows and reinventions along the way.

I think Sean can handle that.

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What a piece of trash! So he is basically saying that yes he went out to destroy a relationship just because he wanted to. No regrets on the damage he caused as long as it got him some publicity. Have some self respect as well as respect for the relationship. Dont understand how you can go after someone who is taken already especially if you know the boyfriend of the guy.

Then not to fill bad about it… He is just so trashy.

I dont know the kid and to be honest he aint worth the second sniff, but I know for a fact that you always reap what you sow and so well be hearing about ole boy when someone drops bows on that carefree heart. And the same for Blake, before fucking someone else off set, at least end the relationship first. I like him. He seems nice and has more common sense than I expect and see in most 19 yo porn actors.

This whole race preference thing and G4P debate comes down to that. They are there to do a job not have the best orgasm of their lives…or even a good one. I have to apologise, and I mean it.

My comment was based on a complete misinterpretation of what you were saying in the second half of your comment. Genuinely sorry. Also, does he really want Toxic to be his potential bareback porn theme? I am sure lots of guys would love to bring that fat dick out of retirement. I like your hot avi…the shredded jock. That is the Britney you choose to portray, I am sure he was more talking along the lines of the vegas residency Britney, who has performed iconic VMA showstoppers with the Queen of Pop Madonna,.

Sounds like a douchey bitch. Comparing himself to Britney and having no regrets on playing a part in breaking up a couple. Until you try to get a real career and your past catches up with you. Naw, Im sticking with flipping burgers.

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Yup — totally agree. Not all families are close minded, uptight, and not willing to let their son learn his own lessons. Aged Meat is Delicious. What do you think?

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Can You Pick The Winner? Who was the best in show for ? Sean is on his back with Tyler banging away. Once again, Tyler gets filled by Sean. Very fulfilled.

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