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It really caught me by surprise. His eyes welled up with tears, and he stepped down from the knee-high ledge, flabbergasted by their response. With the popularization of websites like Total Frat Move , being in a fraternity is often linked to excessive womanizing.

And so, the reaction to Earl is not what most would expect from a fraternity — with date parties, exchanges and overnight trips, there is, undeniably, an assumption of heterosexuality. And he thinks that statistic is understated.

"Anybody have a problem with that?" Leading a fraternity as a gay man | The Michigan Daily

Connor Clarke, wine and viticulture senior and Phi Kappa Psi brother, literally stood up. Clarke had at least eight brothers come up to him after the meeting and tell him they were proud of his courage. Still, Clarke concedes, he spent a lot of time in heteronormative culture. Nalagan joined Delta Lambda Phi because it centered around giving gay, bisexual and progressive men a house on campus, he said.

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As the years progressed, so did greek life. Gay and greek: Please see the relevant discussion on the discussion page.

What It’s Like Dating a Frat Boy

The page should not be moved unless the discussion is closed ; summarizing the consensus achieved in support of the move. LGBT portal. Retrieved 5 December Alpha Lambda Zeta. Retrieved Beta Phi Omega.

What It’s Like Dating a Frat Boy

Gamma Rho Lambda. Eta Theta Psi.

Kappa Theta Epsilon. Kappa Xi Omega. College in a Can: Omicron Psi Omega. Retrieved 4 September Tau Delta Psi Sorority, Inc. Delta Lambda Phi.