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Male escort exposes drugs, horny male escorts from the time in cairo, I don't even go there anymore because of the homophopbia. It makes this site look pro-gay. That Jeff Seid guy is usually treated as gay by those guys who dislike him yet he is a homophobe? Great disappoinment, "athletes" are supposed to be a good example, but bodybuilding in no way can be a good example because of its great focus on aesthetics shallowness.

But, he's hot and white so naturally his homophobia will be forgiven or treated lightly on datalounge. For the dear poster who's in love with Max Emerson: With that body, that face, he takes it. And there ain't nothin' you can do about it. R I agree - I don't go on that site either anymore because there's so many homophobic assholes. I think the solution is to rebuke the homophobic comments instead of running away. Why let homophobes have the last word and be unchallenged? The problem is when good people say nothing. It would be great if a new generation of openly homosexual and bisexual fitness models came along into the sceneand gained power against the homophobes.

Many of my straight girlfriends sisters have practically begged me to get it on with another guy for them. Some even have favorite gay porn stars.

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Many of whom are mentioned on DL from time to time. Partly due to female sexual emancipation, I'm sure. And also because they love dick!! Our generation will have to repent not only the words and acts of the children of darkness but also for the fears and apathy of the children of light.

That's a cool thing, R How come I have never heard about them? They seem like a nice couple. Transgender kids could about them.

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To my knowledge, Cody does not admit his gf is transgendered. I wonder what would happen to the whole bodybuilding industry if suddenly all those rich men who pay these models and bodybuilders for sexual favours decided not to do business with them anymore Certainly there is a market for women here but many heterosexual fitness models and bodybuilders prefer to have sex with them for free, unless the woman is a bit old. Of course, paid services are offered to older women and not to the young ones.

Likewise, if the guy is young and good-looking they will not have to pay for sex since there is a mutual attraction. Only the very old ones have to pay. It is all about projecting masculinity and maschismo. Anything that threatens that image is despised. I don't have twitter, R Exposing this guy as a homophobe and copying and pasting his homophobic tweets on a forum where he can't delete them is fine with me.

Which forum is that, R?

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Certainly not DL where hundreds of threads are deleted monthly for no reason at all except some fifth rate celeb threatens the webby. If people have twitter, then call Seid out for his homophobia. He is "hot" and white so maybe his hate for gay people is just "fine. Someone said "he's gay" and the guy in question replied "definitely not lmao, that's disgusting", right?


Well, in real organised sports homophobia tends to be fought against, at least in goes public, because it harms the image sports and athletes ever since they are supposed to be role models and homphobia is generally looked down on. On the other hand, bodybuilding is not a sport; just a beauty pageant with all the shallowness that that means. Well, in real organised sports homophobia tends to be fought against, at least when it goes public, because it harms the image of the sports and athletes ever since they are supposed to be role models and homphobia is generally looked down on.

So, what are you saying? A homophobe fitness model with 60K followers is somehow not as detrimental as a professional athlete because bodybuilding is an individual sport? All discriminatory comments coming from bodybuilders are taken as an individual's opinion, not representative of a sport of unified identity because it lacks one. I am not saying homophobia should be condoned in bodybuilding; I am just explaining why homophobia is never called out in bodybuilding.

I get it now, R I just love when guys like this, who are worshiped on datalounge get revealed as homophobic assholes. That's why I post it. I'm not sure if their homophobia makes a difference to those who worship them here. They probably share similar hate. Jeff Seid is not a star, he belongs to a ghetto. He is only important to people who belong in the ghetto.

Bodybuilding is already despised by society so his opinions are not revelant for most people.

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They would only matter if for some reason he became a role model hahahaha which eventually would force him to condemn homophobia. Besides, I don't why people would become fan of a guy who the only thing he does is exhibiting his body for the ego. There is nothing worth admiring in it. It would be good to remember that, yes, there are tons of homophobes repressepd homosexuals and heterosexual too in the bodybuilding world, but there are also those who are gay friendly and oppose homophobia.

Bodybuilding is so terrfied of gay people that now a lot of their lame competitions have the guys in board shorts. The boarding shorts are hilarious. I wish gay people would say "fuck you" to this sport. Olympia and the Arnold Classic would take a huge hit financially. I wish gay people had more self-esteem. If someone opens a new thread don't forget to post the link here so we can go there and discuss this at length. I suppose that most fitness models who do G4P in all of its forms are the least homophobic. Probably many of them get critized behind their back but they don't care much because they only have to respond to themselves.

There isn't a bodybuilding organization whose public image must be protected. And many of these guys simply love the attention they receive which is partly the reason why many start bodybuilding. In the book, Little Big Men it is also told that there are ocassions when bodybuilders and gay guys who like muscles form some kind of temporary bonding that helps bodybuilders with low self-esteem.

They will pose for a group of gay gys who will cheer them up as they flex and pose for them which ends up lifting their self-esteem and confidence. All in good terms. Some gay men act very disrespectful and presumptive toward bodybuilders. They are often propositioned for sex and prostitution my men who think it is their right to have access to their bodies.

Even more commonly, they are often the recipient of men who stalk them or engage in other creepy behavior. R, these gay men do it only because they are led on to. And, all guys are "creepy". I see older men at my gym leering at females and following them around the gym and out of the gym. Just a quick search on google to see that most people dislike Jeff Seid.

Apparently, he is arrogant, self-absorbed, gives too much importance to physical appareance, etc. Very true, R That Jeff Seid pings to me immensely. All of those fitness models ping to me anyways. The ones on the magazine covers. Self-objectification is the act of validating onself only according to physical appearance and not according to abilities and the instrinsic value of being a human being. If we are honest, perhaps most of us would love to self-objectify at least once during our lifespan. This is what most fitness models and bodybuilders do and after a time it can get addictive because most people get easily accostumed to receiving nice compliments and being the center of attention.