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Undoubtedly, racism plays a role. Many of the rights and freedoms that all LGBT people won were down to the struggles of black and minority ethnic people: The least that white LGBT people can do is to reciprocate and confront racism within their own ranks. The far-right movements on the march across the western world are consciously trying to co-opt the LGBT rights campaign for their own agenda.

Details Magazine - Gay or Asian?

Muslims are portrayed as an existential threat to gay people, particularly after Orlando. This week, Milo Yiannopolous — a gay attention-seeker who has become an icon of the US far right — was at the centre of a media storm because a platform to speak at his old school was withdrawn. In the Netherlands, the anti-immigrant right was led by a gay man, Pim Fortuyn, until his assassination.

In France, reportedly a third of married gay couples support the far-right National Front. The struggle against racism has, of course, to be led by people of colour who suffer the consequences — such as Black Out UK , which fights for a platform for black gay men, and Media Diversified , which campaigns for minority representation in the media.

But unless white LGBT people — who the official gay scene venerates — listen to the voices of those who are sidelined, little will change.

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Oh, it was supposed to be funny? While it uses offensive stereotypes, the spread also uses media constructed images of Asian culture, from martial arts movies that commodifies Asians as a kung-fu, fish eating, and perhaps ambiguously gay culture. I'm sure Asian Americans also appreciated the implied message that compares their genitals to the size of shrimps. Is Details Magazine telling us to judge someone, based on their physical appearance, and use offensive stereotypes to explain their identity? Is it saying that it's too difficult to discern between a homosexual male and an Asian male, or it is saying that you can only be Gay or Asian?


Oh, it's a satire? Well, cheers to Details for not making the Asian resemble World War Two propaganda or dressing him in a flamboyant, neon, sequined suit.

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Unfortunately, it's still blatantly racist. It's unfortunate to think that someone with that kind of experience and education would even think twice about writing something so offensive. The Asian-American community's response was absolutely incredible in demonstrating the power of our unity.