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The group hopes the army and the RAF will follow the navy's incursion into once-forbidden territory.

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Ben Summerskill, chief executive of Stonewall, admitted he was surprised by how far the navy's attitude to homosexuality had shifted in recent years. He said he anticipated "upmarket saloon bar prejudice" against the partnership, but insisted the navy was not simply "ticking boxes". They are not doing it to be touchy feely. Asked to leave the army after his sexuality was investigated in , Mr Johnston called the navy's move "a major step forward" but said it would also be greeted with sadness by many veterans who needlessly lost their jobs over their sexuality in the past.

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This is all the right moves in all the right directions. Fortunately - and sadly - our work now is less and less because the forces' welfare organisations are taking on our role. By signing up to Stonewall's "diversity champions" programme, the navy joins such organisations as British Airways, IBM and Sainsbury's.

Exchanging ideas on equal opportunities in the workplace during "networking" sessions with such blue-chip companies is part of the partnership, which will be overseen by Vice-Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent, the Second Sea Lord.

Cmdr Jones said there were "an increasing number of officers who are out and have good experiences of being gay in the armed services". Many of the admirals, generals and air marshals who were so concerned by this policy change must look back and think 'what was all the fuss about?

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We also have hundreds of gay and lesbian personnel who might otherwise have been sacked. I hope they have the confidence to report it. This is about building the confidence of gay men and women so they can take part in naval society. Lord Kitchener He never married and appreciated porcelain, fine fabrics and interior decor, but it is disputed whether Horatio Kitchener was gay or was just more interested in empire than the opposite sex. The hero of Sudan and the Boer war, whose portrait encouraged millions to enlist for the first world war, was declared gay by many historians.

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The sailor in the photo was on a date in Times Square and decided to celebrate by kissing the closest nurse, a stranger who was not his date. When he returned home for the holidays, he and his husband Kenneth, 30, decided to recreate the iconic photo, News 4 Jax reports. So long, News4Jax. But the reunited couple is brushing off the negative comments: The couple has since received an outpouring of support from people around the world, including commenters on WFLA's Facebook page.

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