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Seventh Circle Kickstarter Demo. Rock Candy Games. Monster Girl University.

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School-based fighting Yuri RPG game with monster girls! David T. Play in browser. Your Dry Delight. Argent Games.

Monster Girls Gaynerations: Ghoulfriends For Life. Turned into a ghost, your only way to break the curse is true love's monstrous kiss. Spooklight Games. Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival. Sofdelux Studio. The queer dating sim of your dreams. Bloom Digital Media. Happiness is knowing where you belong.

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Magical Warrior Diamond Heart Demo. Come for a Drink. Free visual novel where you meet older glasses-wearing men who practice martial arts during the day The Dating Sim. Regardless, I think if you're a fan of yaoi, slash fiction, or gay romance and erotica, there's a good chance you may enjoy this, if not love it. I'm fairly certain our interests intersect. Not only will it contain the things mentioned in the description, but also have a personal journal covering the highlights of this Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarting a project is a fascinating process--and running one for a gay dating sim Might be helpful or illuminating or just plain entertaining if you're a Kickstarter geek or you're interested in running a campaign yourself.

Contributors at the 40 dollar tier will get their first name and a headshot in-game, as depicted on the left. This will be shown in-game if you decide to browse the app. Contributors at the 80 dollar tier will get their photo and a full profile as shown on the right. You can use a real photo or cartoon or pretty much anything for your headshot or profile picture, as long as its not somebody else's copyrighted material.

Names and profiles can also be totally fictional. Have fun with it! It's just a fun, cool thing you and anybody who ever plays this will be able to see in-game. And as mentioned in the video, you cannot contact yourself and try to hook up with yourself in the game!

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I know, I know Maybe this should be a high-tier reward? You can get set up a one-time unforgettable date with the main character and well Or if you desire, set him up instead with the man of your dreams. You can even suggest the type of date to me. See the bottom-most reward to the right.

If you'd just like a personal copy for yourself, and wish to share it with your close friends, that's totally up to you. Indie Statik. Mako Pride. Band of Thebes. Next Magazine. I hope you love these characters as much as I do and want to see them live on. If you decide to back my project, thank you from the depths of my heart! If you want to help but can't provide funding, you can definitely make a difference by publicizing this Kickstarter to your friends and other places on the internet!

Thanks for your support! If this Kickstarter starts approaching its target, I'll be announcing awesome stretch goals. One problem I might have is getting enough funds for all the artwork I'd like done, especially if artwork isn't quite "right" for the scene or the scene needs to be rewritten for numerous reasons. When it comes right down to it though, I'll draw it myself I did all the character art in the game , though it might ultimately take me longer to do than a seasoned artist.


Another problem I might have is losing one of my team. Though this would be difficult, I was able to make the earlier version of this demo on my own though it was very unpolished. Thankfully the engine is open source and enough people seem interested enough in the project to want to sign on. In conclusion, I think everybody who has followed me since the beginning knows exactly how much passion and commitment I have for this game. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. All of the above, and access to the closed development forum, where you can contribute and offer suggestions for the full game, vote on important issues like underwear color, and get a sneak peek at development.

The forum will open as soon as this Kickstarter ends. All of the above and the Coming Out On Top Journal--a digital art book with game secrets, extra art not released in the game, super secret developer's notes about naughty subjects, outtakes, and other miscellany. See section under Brofinder Rewards. Babefinder also available for the ladies. You can also use an alias and drawing, as long as it's original not copyrighted material.

All of the above and a special physical Kickstarter copy of the game and the soundtrack, signed by me, with my deepest thanks! See section under Brofinder rewards. You can also use an alias anda drawing, as long as it's original not copyrighted material.

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You can choose to have it done in the game's character art style or the more sketchy, looser style I use for concept art. I'll need some photos of you emailed to me for reference. I'll send a signed 8x11 print of it to you as well. A digital portrait of you or someone of your choosing done by me in the game's character art style or the more sketchy, looser style I use for concept art.

And yes, I'll need photos of you or chosen person emailed to me for reference. Nudity is ok! And I can only draw the human body I'm not good at backgrounds or objects. Absolute Obedience is essentially a series of Cold War sexual power-play vignettes, by turns nasty and farcical. In fact, this episodic structure is one of the strongest aspects of the game. The story is split into missions which the player can choose to access in any order, either choosing Kia or Louise as protagonist.

Unusually for a VN, the game is not strictly in first person and the choices made tend to be along the lines of selecting a location you want the character to next visit or how a victim should react to Kia or Louise, rather than directly controlling the protagonists.

Graphically, the game looks like a s anime like Slayers or New Dominion Tank Police , which gives it a certain, spiky retro charm. Nitroplus are known for games aimed at a young adult audience, and their plots tend to involve a muddled, manic or just plain confused male protagonist attempting to navigate a busy urban environment of extra-sensory phenomena and potential love interests.

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If the correct choices are made, Aoba might get to experience some tender, genuinely sexy and surprisingly well-written love scenes with a host of appealing young men.