Dating transgender women

If I found out the girl I was dating was once a man it would seriously weird me out. It's not like I hate trans people but I definitely don't want to have sex with them. So are you going to explain why it's not the same thing? You're just restating the opposing position, not arguing anything.

What's even the point of your comment? I've slept with a couple of post-op girls, and I can say it does looks like any other vagina, the only thing is that they don't all self-lubricate. I know trans-girls who do, and others who don't, but other than that it looks and feels very natural. Tastes pretty much the same too.

Most trans-girls retain full sensation after surgery, and it's possible to stimulate the clitoris or the vagina just like you would with any other woman some of them like one more than the other, or both. Going to pass. Granted, haven't done much dating in general but that's not my cup of tea. Friends sure though. Only hang up would be biological children, otherwise I'm all for it. I honestly wouldn't hesitate getting intimate either. You should already know that straight men do not want biological men.

Straight men only want biological women born with a vagina. You having surgery does not change their preference. If you don't mind me asking, why would you be sad?

10 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Transgender Woman

The comments seem to reflect an honest array of feelings and opinions, and people are being rather respectful. Seems to me that this is exactly the type of conversation that society should have about this issue. I'm already laden with insecurity and self loathing regarding this facet of myself that I cannot change, and face bigotry regarding it every day. To find that it is the the key reason that I'll likely never find someone who loves me is just kinda soul crushing. I can't be angry, because like you said, they're just expressing their honest feelings, and I can't blame them for how they feel or what they're into.

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But it does make me very sad, because having it laid out so plainly, so bluntly, of a myriad of voices all saying at once "We don't like you, for the simple and unchangeable fact of what you are" is extremely demoralizing. I think I speak for everyone here in saying that nobody here "doesn't like you" because you are transgender. It is also fair to say that the everyone would want you to be happy.

I know that I certainly see no reason why you should not be. Of course this also means finding someone that loves you and accepts you. If you are a good person and I presume that you are then you certainly deserve that as much as anyone else. I happen to believe that the best way to promote trans acceptance is for everyone, trans people included, to be open minded about what, specifically, are reasonable changes to our social compact regarding who really are men and women, and what rules should be in place regarding men's and women's institutions and spaces.

My guess is that much of what you see as "bigotry" is merely other people expressing what they consider to be reasonable concerns about opening up gender segregated areas. When reasonable people bring up reasonable concerns and are shouted down as bigots and trans-haters not much progress is going to be made. And we clearly see that in the issue of dating, where straight men are branded as bad people for expressing the very natural, and reasonable, preference for biological women only.

Nothing trumps biological reality, and it is not bigotry when people point this out. I have a feeling that you get this, and like I said, I certainly hope that you can find a way to be happy with yourself, and hope you find someone that loves you. That is a turn off to hetersexual men. You are not the opposite biological sex. My buddy has a strong attraction to trans women. Never really comes up in casual conversation, but when we were on a boys trip he kept on trying to drag me to clubs that they perform in.

At first it was funny, and then it became obvious that he was actually very attracted to them.


I think it is more of a sex kink for him though, I don't think he was thinking of settling down with them. I am happily in a relationship, but if I were single and found a strong bond with a trans person, I don't think I personally would have a issue. I like people for their personalities over their physical attributes so I could see past the penis. If you mean the new cool made up definition that includes people with gender dysphoria, then fuck no.

Never stick your dick in crazy. If I found her attractive mentally and physically enough to pursue her and then I found out, I probably wouldn't care. If I knew before, I might.

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That seems super hypocritical of me and I need to reflect on it honestly because I don't like my answer. No thanks. I would be very upset if someone tried to get with me without making it clear beforehand that they were transgender. Considering the amount of violence that happens and is even supported on liberal places like Reddit , there's not a trans girl out there who's going to try to sneak it past you knowing there's a risk you'd get violent.

Don't see a good reason to worry about that if I find her attractive. Post-op, I wouldn't care at all if she was born with a penis. I don't know if I'd be down with getting physical if she'd still have one, but I'd likely be willing to find out as long as she wouldn't be bothered by how extrasuperawkward I'd be about it. I have no interest in having kids. If I did, and their being the biokids of myself and my partner mattered, the answer'd probably be different.

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If all the elements that make a cis-woman attractive to me are present, than I wouldn't have any issue with it. I've met some transwomen in college who I didn't even realize were not cis until later on. There was a real cutie-pie in my physics class I should've asked out.

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I think I chickened out, not because she was trans but because I thought it would be weird to date a lab partner. I'll pass. I have no problem with transgenders, but I'm not personally attracted to them, either. For me, it doesn't matter. As long as we have chemistry and connect, and actually want to be together. That's what matters. Don't see a problem with it but my preference is the real thing idk why it's just something about it is not attractive to me. There are some seriously delusional people in this thread.

Apparently you're an asshole for your sexual orientation which you have no control over.

Trans Activist Jazz Jennings' Message for Straight Guys - Glamour

It's not transphobic to not want a sexual relationship with trans people. Fuck yourself if you're going to act like it's oppressive to not have an unconventional orientation. Very likely not for me, not really a big issue though.