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Ruff Ruff! These Two Their Enjoy Scruff! Of Course They Were.

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Check in to Room JJ Knight Overthinks It. Netflix Is Our Greatest Ally. Prove Me Wrong. So That Explains It. Jail Baited. Jock Talk: Aged Meat is Delicious. Who Would You Rather: Dean Flynn Or Dean Flynn? What do you think?

Porn Star Dean Flynn

As they say blessed by mother nature cursed by father time…. Harvey Walker. More hair pleas. Even ti fi is bodyshopepd. I see TitanMen is a huge fan of the photoshopping dicks. I prefer chest hair. But both are hot! Why does his cock look so much thinner in the pic on the right? My guess is steroids.

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You are fucking retarded.. Here's a good question for R9: What's your real name? Another pic: So hot: Ugly scarred dick. Gorgeous man, but an incredibly dull performer. A person gets fucked for money on camera and he smokes! Heaven forbid! R27's guy looks like he might have a wrecked ass. I always love it when I see a big, muscular, hairy guy bottoming. Dean Flynn is not stuck-up, never has been. Hot guy.


Is he strictly botoom on his vids, or does he occasionally top? What the he'll is Dudesnude? He probably doesn't recycle, either. Do you need your smelling salts now? I love this thread. He's so hot. My ideal; hairy, handsome, gorgeous body. Good looking guy, but, is Zak Spear's groomer doing his manscaping too?

There are so many hot guys in Dudesnude! Why hasn't this site been caught up here in Datalounge? I can't start threads r Why can't you just tell me? Get someone else to start the thread then.

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  6. It's NOT that hard to find him there anyway. Why the hell does a thread have to be started?

    Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

    Does he escort? Anyone had him? C'mon, somebody please start that thread! And I don't think he escorts.

    Porn Star Dean Flynn

    I want him in me, quite deeply. I started a thread for Dudesnude a few days ago: All rights reserved. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to. Give it a try! It's free so why not? I only know one guy who was A-List, and I never asked how much he got paid. Of the other guys, the middle of the road ones, they only made a couple hundred per shoot, maybe a grand or two for the bigger names. Whatever he feels he needs to say is more for his self-image than our perceptions. If anyone wants to have sex whether for art, money, or just fun is fine with me as long as everyone is able to and gives consent.

    By definition, that could easily be mistaken for prostitution. Not a hooker? Only God will believe him. And he has stayed there for months…. I voted for Jesse above Dean as Best Newcomer. Paul Raposo — Porn films may pay a few hundred dollars a day, at best.

    Escorts can charge a few hundred dollars an hour. But even so, gay porn pays men more than straight porn does. And a lot of straight guys realise the money to be had from escorting too, and go into that. And that applies both ways too. Not all old men are lechers, not all young guys are gold-diggers. Since when has it become our place to judge the kid and even bring this question to light?

    Since when has the Gay and lesbian community become SO prudish and just SO judgemental that we sit here and disect people in the porn industry like Red State housewives. How is getting paid to get fucked on camera any different than getting paid to get fucked behind closed doors? Yes, prostitution is illegal. Oh, and Wolfie — you open yourself up to judgment when you write something as insipid as this article, so he had it coming.

    Jesse is definitely a publicity whore. I decided not to post obviously because 1. Jesse is a total jerk. Oh in the name of Rip taylor give it a rest. Let the kid fuck for money and have an attitude. Its really not a big thing and the only thing that can be judged about him at all is if he acted like a jerk. I could go on and on and on with the hypocrisy of society!? Sex—and how one chooses to engage in it—is ultimately a personal decision.

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    The finances of it are irrelevant. You are a sex worker! And everyone, evvvveryone, has a price who is in porn. Except for one difference. Imagine yourself, years back in time from today. There wouldnt be a camera, but there would still be well paid whores. Some beautiful people, throughout time have always taken a great deal of money to give away their time and genitals.