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My mother started to cry because she was worried I would get AIDS, do drugs and dress up in women's clothes. I assured her that me being gay only meant I love being with another man, nothing else, which helped her realise there's no problem. After the initial shock, everyone in my family was ok with it and admitted they'd always known. At first, it was hard for me because I had to be careful not to be too out there, especially around the older generations. For example, my father asked me not to tell his co-workers. This prevailing attitude made it hard to be openly gay so I had very few gay friends growing up and was always closer with girls.

There are generally more younger people in the gay bars and discos in Quito, with more of the older generation preferring to go to more discrete places like gay saunas. I was bullied at school because I was always the shy guy who only used to hang around with girls, never played sports and always did music and theatre. I eventually picked myself up, accepted who I was and even signed up to a modelling company before starting my law studies.

I obviously recommend this ahem! I also recommend heading to gay bars like Kika and El Hueco. We absolutely love foreigners in Ecuador so you will definitely feel welcomed. We have a gay pride in Quito every June, which is also followed by a massive party at Kika. The Quito Pride has taken place every year without fail since , when the law was changed to make homosexuality legal in Ecuador. Over the last decade, we've seen more and more gay prides also taking place in the other major cities across Ecuador, especially in Guayaquil.

Quito and Guayaquil are the two major cities in the country with the largest gay scenes. This is a village by the coast, popular with surfers, famous for its bohemian vibe and very liberal attitude. It's like our own Las Vegas: It has a beautiful setting, 3,m 9, ft in the mountains, overlooking 2 volcanoes: They have an in-house restaurant with everything made from their garden and every meal is delicious! I love fritadas.

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Project Transgender (Ecuador) meets TransAction (UK) 'Dios Es Trans'

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