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Not particularly committed to Hillary, Bernie, Jill, or Zephyr? And if you still haven't found the perfect app, partner, or representative to help you ride out the political mayhem, don't despair--there's always Though its user numbers aren't as high as other dating platforms, Conservatives Only has been around for years "because Liberals just don't get it.

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I'm a freelance writer covering tech, media, science, and culture. Oct 7, , Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Image courtesy Better Together Dating.

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Screenshots courtesy CandiDate. Screenshot courtesy Bernie Singles. We have different methods of getting there, but we agree on the concept.

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We can also disagree while maintaining our alliances and friendships as well. What I believe most who do not know us misunderstand is that we do not act in spite of our sexuality; we simply do not consider it our primary motivation. As a gay person, my core rights have always been intact, we have just advocated for expansion, redefinition or added protections over time.

Some I support and others I do not. But fundamentally I do not view my world in terms of "gay" issues. I see the role of government, judges and states as requiring the most pressing attention in order to protect liberty from well-meaning tyranny. I believe in our representative republic and I value the voting process that allows us the voice to influence and change conditions, within the bounds of the Constitution, at a local and state level.

Where I draw the line is in federal involvement. In every social issue related to gay people, I hold the same view. I prefer the states to decide for themselves. We can easily debate the merits of this worldview and that is all part of a healthy understanding of differing positions. It, however, has absolutely no impact on our shared experiences as gay people. Far too often LGBT on the right tend to be dismissed, mocked or demonized without ever being asked about our actual views. For the most part people who do choose to engage with me tend to be completely wrong on what they imagine I must believe and support.

I am not self-loathing. I am not afraid of my sexuality.

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I am not a Christian ex-gay trying to pray my gay away. I am a perfectly comfortable libertarian minded gay person who also holds a set of conservative political positions I am unafraid of standing up for. Political diversity is an asset rather than a failure of unity and things are more complex than "love" vs. When we talk about seeing queer images of ourselves in media, I never see myself in actual queer media.

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To read, watch and listen to the gay world as it is presented today you would not even know that somebody like me exists. And there are many, many more just like me.

The question is: Why is our community uninterested in our voice? As we have advocated for years, the best way to understand the other side is to simply talk with them. I rarely find those on the left willing to discuss issues with me. I am well aware of their views but they are utterly ignorant of mine and yet they hold an astounding number of opinions about what mine must be.

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If you talk with me, or Milo or Bruce or any of the others you will find an entirely different world of ideas and views. You might even find you agree with us on many of them. In truth, to support liberty is to welcome all walks of life to live freely as they choose. I used to be on the left and I used to be extremely liberal and I found myself drawn to the right because of my belief in liberty over coercion to preferred results.


I have never understood why this realization is so threatening to those I left behind. I do not find a tolerating enemy on the right. Quite the opposite. In nearly all of my interactions, I am most often defended and supported by those on the right while attacked and vilified by those on the left. The conservatives, Christians and Republicans I spend my days chatting with, standing side-by-side with and fighting for our mutual goals with are remarkably kind and generous people.