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The Huffington Post chatted with Kearney this week about his decision to come out, as well as what's next for the athlete. The Huffington Post: Why did you decide to come out now? Rob Kearney: I percent decided to come out now because of my boyfriend. He and I have been together for two months and I didn't want to hide it anymore I'm sort of a romantic.

Gay Dating 101: The Most Useful Dating Tips for Gays

Had it not been for him I would not have decided to take the leap and come out and who knows where I would be today without him. What has the reaction been like?

To be completely honest, I never would've thought it would have turned out to be this big! The past week has been absolutely insane; over friend requests, personal messages and countless text messages and phone calls. It has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. There are a few idiots who are against me but I expected that -- those are the people that make me stronger both physically and emotionally. Homophobia in sports is still a big issue -- especially in sports that are often deemed more aggressive or "masculine.

I don't feel that homophobia is an issue in the world of Strongman.

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Strongman is really like a big family; it's one of the only sports where you will be competing against someone and cheering them on at the same time. I have been contacted by numerous World's Strongest Man competitors expressing their support for me.

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He was a really good cheerleader he was even recruited by Division I schools for his cheerleading abilities. He dated girls. It seemed the perfect high school existence. But something was not right. He came out as gay.

World's second strongest man, Rob Kearney, comes out as gay | The Independent

Having won this year's Arnold Pro Strongman competition in Melbourne, it's perhaps unsurprising that Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the first public figures to congratulate the newlyweds - even showing up to celebrate following the nuptials. I think this is a first: Congratulations guys.


I was honored to celebrate with you. Longtime rivals, the US and Canadian ice-hockey captains just got married "From competitors on the ice to partners for life.

“World’s Strongest Gay” Speaks About Living Authentically

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