Gay hookup places in nyc

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The Five Best Places To Have Gay Sex in NYC | Village Voice

Gym Sportsbar 8th Ave A non-pretentious Chelsea sports bar full of hot bears of all flavours. Great for pre-drinks.

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The men and the music are always good. The Cock 93 2nd Ave The infamous bar that gets busier and busier, even past last call. Blue 8th Ave The video booths in the backroom of this Chelsea porn shop are a wonderful throwback to the cruising of yesteryear — with surprisingly hot men. How did people celebrate Pride in Mumbai this year? Need to Know Xtra See all videos.

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Get Xtra in your inbox. Read Next. Xtra Promo Nov 13, LOL including in the same starbucks as you and it can be someone you'd have no intention of ever hooking up with then it can be rather awkward. Just lean against a building and when a man walks by, hold up a cigarette and say, "Got a light, sailor? The focus here is on WORK and productivity. The Rambles ended years ago. Mobile apps have made designated cruising areas obsolete in NYC. Just whip out the phone and see who's around.

I've found approaching men in business suits in hotel lobbies and asking, "Got the time? Hot place back in the 70's and 80's. Men everywhere, especially on Sundays, when the large meadow would be covered with them, all splayed out on their blankets.

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With lots and lots of shrubbery to explore, where couplings occurred constantly, or even group scenes. I even had sex there in the winter, when there was practically no one around, and you could do it practically any place, though there was no leafy cover. All gone now, I understand. Last time I walked through there, in , it was all roped off and practically quarantined.

The Five Best Places To Have Gay Sex in NYC

Just go to Barney's. Never very hard to pick up some dick there if that's what you're in the mood for. They are having a great shoe sale right now anyway so even if no dick you can get a good deal on some shoes. New York was a different world back in the day, before the Plague.

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For a brief time, sex was a lot of fun. Too bad all these young gays are so insufferably judgmental about cruising and sex. Although, on the bright side, during and after the plague, it seemed improbable that gay men would change their attitudes about 'risky' behavior.

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  • 8. Rainbow House Playground.
  • From sleazy bars to underground dungeons, it’s all yours to explore.

So now, at least, it seems that the younger generation isn't nearly as promiscuous. But it was a lot of fun, though - the sex, that is.

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Something these kids will never understand. I cruised all 4 seasons in Prospect Park but only during the day, never at night, when it wasn't cruisy anyway. This guy just uploaded a video recounting his recent experience at gay Manhattan jo party, NYC Jacks. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Where are the best places to go cruising in NYC? A tourist needs answers. Did your phone die from hookup app overload op? Are there active outdoor cruising areas anywhere anymore? Anywhere is pretty fair game in NYC.. Guys who cruise for sex in public places are just creepy. Was there more than one Ramble, R6? Oh, the stories I could tell you all about the Ramble You sound like a real class act R The High Line duh, unless you're looking for local talent. There is a site for this but I'm sure the police monitor it also.