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Dan Elman. Besides that, I noticed a difference between the city and the countryside. In the small village in Belgium I had a lot of clients who were married or were not open about their homosexuality. They visited me because that was the only way for them to have sex with a man. In the Netherlands my clients are mostly wealthy gay men who already came out of the closet.

No, unfortunately there are only spots for transsexuals or transgenders. A lot of people ask me this question. Homosexuality used to be unaccepted back in the days, so I think that the visibility of homosexuality has always been a difficult issue. The Red Light District started as a place where sailors arrived after long periods at sea. Male prostitutes were not a part of this. I have no idea why transgenders nowadays are on the Red Light District and male gays are not.

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But I think prostitution worldwide has always been mostly concentrated around streets and parks. Also the internet is being used as a market place nowadays, instead of brothels. Personally I prefer being an escort instead of a window prostitute because it costs a lot of money to rent a window. I guess sometimes you have to wait for a long time, so I think I would get bored. The rest of the day I can do whatever I want. I was a member of a shady chatbox and sometimes older gay men offered me money to have sex with them.

At that time, I thought those men were gross, so I blocked them. But my opinion changed when I started to engage in political activities. I remembered the sexual offers I got when I was younger and started to reconsider it. I was very scared of the emotional and the physical risks but my curiosity won out.

Surprisingly, I noticed the client was even more nervous than me which calmed me down. Usually I start a conversation with my clients at the beginning of each session which never lasts shorter than one hour. My trademark is to really get to know my clients.

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Find out in this article where we talk with a working prostitute and here boyfriend: Interview with a window prostitute in Amsterdam and her boyfriend. There are several pros. Also, I get in touch with many people and get a lot of appreciation. I get along with my clients in a respective and personal matter. Besides that, I earn a lot of money in a short amount of time.

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And the rent and tuition fees should be paid I also love to travel so these things together cost a lot of money. Next, I love the freedom the job offers. I am very independent. Also, I acquire a lot of knowledge of human nature. Everyone deals with their sexuality in a different manner and a lot of people struggle with their own sexual identity.

Those are the people I meet and for me this is an important education. I learn to deal with different kinds of situations.

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Are you interested in the history of prostitution in Amsterdam? Of course I have my own conditions like sexual boundaries and safety precautions which I tell my clients beforehand. For example, I ask my clients to tell if they have a STD sexually transmittable diseases so we can deal with it in an appropriate manner. So in that way I can be selective. Most of my clients have good intentions so for me the prejudice that all clients have bad intentions is not true.

A lot of my colleagues agree with this.

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They may not even have real bad intentions but try to cross your boundaries. It helps a lot to communicate and make agreements beforehand. Another con is that the weekly income fluctuates a lot. Besides that, it offers a lot of flexibility because clients also call me the moment they are horny and want to have sex immediately. But sometimes I have to compromise because not every client prefers to plan an appointment beforehand. My clients are only men. They are very diverse in age, education, culture, marital status, physical well-being…. Everybody has his own story.

My boyfriend loves those stories and said he could write a book about them. Yes, he does.

Almost never. It only happens when someone else approaches me on Grindr.

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I strictly use it for my own sexual needs. I never ask people if they want to become my client. I think they have to approach me because it intervenes with your personal life. I have a profile on an escort website, boys4u. I have a profile with pictures and my rate and conditions. But always go to the police if this happens to you.

Lees voor. Male prostitution The same safe sex advice applies as for female prostitutes: Internet escort Male prostitutes attract clients primarily via the internet. Personal website If you have your own website, you can post exactly what you want about your services. Escort agency and sex club Escort agency There are lots of escort agencies where you can register as a male prostitute.

More information Internet escort Escort agency. The street - Cruising Street prostitution is prohibited, including for men. Delen Delen.